Friday, September 30, 2005

Bikes, Blues, Bar-B-Que, and JESUS FREAKS!!!

That should be the real name of the current festival happening here in Fayetteville Arkansas.

Last night, Shauna, Lidia, JT, Justin and I went out to check out the leather and bikes at the 6th annual Bikes, Blues, and BBQ festival. It was just like the years past...lots of bikes...lots of leather...lots of bbq...lots of carny's....lots of musis...and lots of beer. But, this year, I noticed a new trend, the Jesus Freaks.

Now, you may be saying, "but Shelli...aren't YOU a Jesus Freak?". And to you I would say "heck yes I am!" But this particular "Jesus Freak Breed" that I'm referring to at B,B&BBQ were the kind that stand on chairs preaching, hold up "you're going to hell" signs, and give out free t-shirts that say "body piercing changed my life" (referring to Christ on the cross). Although, the people handing out the shirts, were just there to have fun, be a good "not in your face" witness to non-believers, and had a nice booth with witness tracts and brochures on Christianity. So, in my opinion...they can stay.

...its the other ones that I'm a little sick about.

A disclaimer before my soap box: I'm no one to judge. I'm trying not to, but I AM VERY CONFUSED on where they get off pointing fingers at people...

Ok...on to the rant...

The signs that make me angry. "Those who marry the divorced are committing adultery"..."The end of the party is hell"..."Your fate will be at judgement day"...

To the first sign: So, if you married a divorced person, are you supposed to get a divorce? If so...I'm up a creek!

To the second sign: The end of the party IS usually hell. Hang overs suck! Ha ha. pass judgement and assume that all these people around you are going straight to hell?...thats a bit like crazy talk if you ask me.

To the third sign:'re right, and you'll be judged to. I hope you're ready!

I guess the main thing that makes me mad is that these individuals are giving Christianity such a bad name. Ofcourse, we've been the freaks all along throughout history. But, I guess, I'm just looking at it as the good ol' "WWJD". I really do not think that Christ would be standing on a chair quoting scripture at the top of his lungs or holding up a sign thats casting judgement on people.

I think that the Christ I love would be driving a bus for free to offer rides home to the drunk people...or maybe giving out free coffee for the hangovers...or maybe even getting right in the mosh pit and dancing along with them to show them that he loves them and is there for them.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

My Dog got a citation from the Fayetteville Animal Services!

Our sweet little dog "Indiana" has had an event filled week.

First off, she finally received her AKC paper work in the mail and we were SO proud. Announcing "Indiana Belles Jones" the certified pedigree pup!

....secondly, she decided to show us how much she loves us by shredding her sheet to pieces. She sleeps on this sheet every night, and has never really acted out against it, but Tuesday, she decided to get a bit feisty. Grrr....

...and finally, the kicker...

Yesterday, when Justin came home from school, there was an orange notice hanging on our door from the Fayetteville Animal Services. It states that our neighbors have complained about her barking continuously throughout the day and we need to do whatever necessary to ammend the situation.


So, I called the F.A.S. and asked them if there was some sort of law about this or something. They stated that after 3 violations (or complaints) they refer us to the prosecuting attorney. GREAT! My dog is a pain in not only our butts...but our neighbors too.

Here's the deal: She's 7 months old, likes to dig and chew, and is NOT...I repeat...NOT going to stay inside while we are gone. Now, when it starts getting really cold outside, it will be a different story. But, by then, we will have puppy proofed our kitchen., I guess we'll just wait to see if we get ANOTHER citation. Until then, bark away "Indi" aren't bothering me or daddy! hee hee.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ivanna Trump wears WAY TOO MUCH MAKEUP!!

Yesterday I was at the Northwest Arkansas Business Womens Expo in Bentonville. It was great. I got to go to some really neet clinics, and I got an awesome goody bag stuffed with cool stuff. (It was like the bags they give to the stars at awards, but with "slim jims" and "juicy fruit" ha ha ha!!!)

The key note speaker for the day was Ivanna Trump. First of all...why did they pick a woman who is known for being the ex-wife of a billionaire??...ok, their is my rant #1.

...also, I had to really Really REALLY concentrate hard on every single word that she was saying. She is from Check-uh-slow-vaw-kia ( clue how to spell I made it as terrible as possible) and has very broken English. "Dis ees mine virst drip do Norv Vest Arakunsaw. Dank you zo mudj vor awving me ear!" (translation: This is my first trip to Northwest Arkansas. Thank you so much for having me here) YIKES!...rant #2.

...I felt as if the woman had to make claims for herself. As if she had to make it PERFECTLY clear that she is standing on her own two feet and is self sufficiant in the business world. She even told us what charities she likes to make donations to and how much. Isn't that kind of like really don't want to tell people that sort of thing. Makes you look kind of prideful...this is rant #3.

...Ok, now I know I'm a consultant for Mary Kay, and can sometimes go a bit overboard with my own personal make up...BUT HOLY MOLY! That woman had on SO much, that I think it was dripping off in her sweat. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!...this would be my final rant #4.

Now the good/interesting stuff about Ivanna Trump:
Did you know that Ivanna was on her nations (see rant number 2) olympic ski team in the 1960's? ...and did you know that she left the communist country so that she would have a chance at a career as a woman in America? ...and did you know that she was a model in the 70's?...and did you know that she has her own fragrances? (these will probably crack you up as they did me: "Ivanna", "Ivanna Man", "Ivanka by Ivanna", and "Ivonna young man"!!!!!!) ...and did you know that she is an author?....and did you know that she is building (wait...her reps are building) "Ivanna Towers" in Las Vegas? It will be the tallest standing residential property in Vegas...and did you know that she has collegin in her upper lip? Ok, she didn't talk about that part, but good grief it was obvious.

Ok, one last good thing on Ivanna Trump. One thing that she kept referencing that I thought was very nice was how much she loves her children and prays that they grow up to be wonderful adults that respect and love people. I thought that was kind of cool.

zank yoo...zee yoo layder!

Monday, September 26, 2005

COLDPLAY Rocked My Face Off!!!

Ok...have I ever mentioned on my blog about how much I really really like the band Coldplay? Well...I do, and now, after seeing them in Dallas last weekend...they may just top the scales as a tie with U2 for first place in my book. Hmmm...then again...Radiohead is up there too. Oh the choices!

Chris Martin (the lead singer) was AWESOME! He had so much energy that I was even huffing and puffing after every song. He made me exhausted. I'm sure thats how he keeps that girlish figure for Gweneth. Ha!

They did a rendition of RING OF FIRE that was simple and amazing. Ofcourse, its the little things like that in concerts that makes one shout THIS IS THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!


Dallas was fun. Concert, Awesome! Roadtrip with Hubby and Esther, Fun-tastic! First trip to an IKEA store, Amazing! Time with my brother and his family, SuperGreat! And yes Esther...I DO have the cutest nephew in the world. Imagine if Laura is pregnant with a girl? cute with SHE be???

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm in a Movie!!!

...Ok, not really, but I feel that way. I feel that the previous 5 days of my life have been such a blur of confusion that its like "I'm trippin' on some really freaky acid man. FAR OUT!"

It started Sunday morning with "the runs". (see Monday Blog") That sent me into a nautious state of Funk that ended in my wrapping my arms around a bucket and hurling while on the toilet. JOY!

Then, on Monday, I was so "wiped out" that I only went into work for about 2 hours...but, for the most part, felt OH SO MUCH BETTER! I was about at 85%. (...and I snuck in to see a new little baby named Jane. Although I kept my distance, I can tell, I'm going to love holding her.)

Tuesday I was in a car all day scouting out land in the area for a new office. I really hate doing stuff like that. You totally feel like a zombie when you're done. Then...that night, THE SLEEP TEST! (see previous Blog). That resulted in only 2 hours of Shelli's beauty rest and sent me back into the funky state of feeling weird and kind of nautious.

Wednesday morning...only 2 hours of sleep...I get back into the car for another day full of scouting out land. BLAH! Then, off to the office for a branch meeting. BLAH BLAH! Then, off to Tulsa to pick up my hubby at the airport. Yippee!


Went to Walmart for about and hour to just kill time. Well, not only did I kill time, but I also saw a man almost GET KILLED for shoplifting. (or atleast thats what I think was going on. People running out of Walmart yelling...I'm just putting two and two together.)

...Went back to Airport...still delayed. Flight didn't get there until 11pm in Tulsa. And guess what?...JUSTINS LUGGAGE WAS NOT ON THE FLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS STILL IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...So, by the time I got home last night it was about 2am. I got up at 6am. So, I'm only working on 6 hours of sleep for the past two nights.

AND...NOW I'M GOING TO DALLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO SLEEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


The purpose of a sleep test is to see and study how one sleeps. Well this "one" tossed and turned until 4am and they didn't get enough "data" on me.


It was bad enough being in a strange place with strange sounds...but I had 5 million electric thingy's attached to my scalp, another 5 million to my body, 1 to my finger, 2 to my legs, and a strap around my boobies. WEIRD!

Needless to say, they said I only got about 2 hours of sleep and I'll more than likely have to come back again. OH JOY!

...see...I snore, I wake myself up in my sleep, and sometimes stop breathing. So, they think I have a condition called "Sleep Aptnia".

...we shall see.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Paying Homage to the

Porcelein Duke of Hurl!

Oh my gosh...I really really hate being sick. I forgot just how bad it was. It started (sort of) Saturday night with an un-easy feeling in my tummy when I went to bed...and on Sunday morning POW!!!!...DIARREAH!!!!!!!!

I downed some "imodium ad" and was off to church. All the while squeezing my booty together so that nothing said a stinky "hello" while I was on stage. (Gross...I know)

Then, to make matters worse, it started moving...creeping...gurgiling upward to a vomitous state. I HAD TO LEAVE ...I HAD TO FLEE FROM CHURCH...I DIDN'T GET TO SING IN THE SECOND SERVICE...I WAS IN A PANIC STATE OF HURL!!!!!!!!!

When I got home...HELLO VOMIT LAND USA!

Well, needless to say, I crawled into work today around 12:00 to do a few things...check my email, check my voicemail, book a business trip to Austin, and blog.

...I've now taken care of all...and I'm going back home. BECAUSE MY STOMACH IS STILL GURGLING! yuck. you like how I chose a nice "puke" color to post in?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Debbie Downer!

Not to be "Debbie Downer" (wra...Wra...WRAH!)...but I'm frustrated.

I have an associate that I work with that just keeps on getting in trouble. So much so, that yesterday, I had to write her up AGAIN and give her the "final warning" speach. And...from the first day I got here, she's disrespected me as her boss and has given me nothing but "lip" on every thing. But, to everyone else...she's super duper cheerful and happy. But...the thing is...SHE'S THE HARDEST AND MOST VOLUME PRODUCING ASSOCIATE I'VE GOT!!!

Last night, we had an office meeting that I tried to make up-beat and cheerful. We did generic versions of the DISC profile, took staff "get to know you" quizzes, took time to write everyone an "atta girl"...or "atta boy" notes, and at the end we all decorated our own little flower pots with our names on them. (These were for people to continuously drop little encouraging notes in). I called it the "Growing as a Happy and productive associate" plan. I also gave each of them a little basket filled with candy and a personalized note from me that told them how much I appreciated them.

...but, I felt that everything I was doing (in her eye's) was stupid and just a ploy to get people to like me.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hey Look...Thats me!

Yeah, I now have a picture on my blog. Thanks to Sarah J!

I also heard a rumor that "Boring Sally" was getting her picture put up there today too. Yippee!

"...Yes, I love technology...but not as much as you, you see...still I love technology...ALWAYS AND FOREVER!". - Kip Dynamite

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My new bobble head pen

DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A PENIS...(ok, maybe a little). But that wasn't the intention of the artist. (I don't think).

My dads company had these really cute little bobble head pens to hand out as marketing things. And...being the always snooping and snatching daughter, I snagged one. SWEET!, its sitting at my desk just smiling at me and bobbing away the hours. I like it. I shall name it Fred. Not Peter...because this girl I work with named Brandi said it looked like a penis. IT TOTALLY DOES NOT!

So, anyway, FRED is smiling at me right now and bobbing. Dang...I wish I had a digital camera....I would totally put his picture on my blog.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Missing the Hubby REAL BAD!

Justin has been gone a week now in Ukraine, and its starting to sink in. I MISS HIM! The first week was ok...I didn't dwell on it everyday...I didn't cry or anything. But this week??? DIFFERENT STORY!

I'm hoping that everyone is still praying for Justin while he's over there. (yesterday he had food poisoning or something that caused very BAD diarrhea...YIKES!).

Now, I ask that you all add me to the list... I need prayer to get by for another week and a half. He doesn't get back until the 21st. AAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Plus...girl time is always a big help. (hint hint Karen or Shauna...we haven't hung out in a LONG time!) best friend Sarah has been living with me while he's gone, and she's stickin' it out 'til the end. She's been awesome and I am very blessed by her. But...SHE DOESN'T SNUGGLE UP NEXT TO ME AT NIGHT...not that I want her to. She IS in a different room. We went to Silver Dollar City this weekend which was a blast.

So, anyhoo...please just pray for me. And pray for Sarah to "put up with me".

Friday, September 09, 2005

Silver Dollar City Here we come!!!

I'm going to "Silver Dollar City" this weekend. I'm very excited. husband Justin, best friend Sarah, and I all bought season passes back in, like, May or something, and we haven't gone back since. WE HAVE TO USE THESE THINGS!! Or its a waiste of our money.

So...Silver Dollar...HERE WE COME! Ofcourse, not with Justin...he's in Ukraine right now, and I seriously doubt he can make it. Heehee. But Sarah and I are going to have a blast.

The last time we went...we did the whole thing...the cave, all the rides, bar-b-que, and yummy lemonaide. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK!

When I was a kid...SLC was our family vacation spot. We went every summer and had so much fun. So, now, when I go back...I'm always CRAZY EXCITED! So white trash...I know. But, I just can't help it.

Maybe when we're done, we'll swing by Soji Tibuchi's to use the bathroom. Have you ever seen that thing??? Its like Liberachee's interior designer hurled in there. So tacky...SO FABULOUS!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Four Subjects today:
"More than a Soap Box" , "REALLY needing to CarPool" ,
"Justin is safe in Ukraine...HooRay!!" and "Boring Sally Is BACK!"

First off...listen, I became really convicted at church Sunday night about my blog. Silly?...yes, but oh so true. I guess I realized that this thing is more than a soap box.

Here's the dealy-yo!

I am constantly complaining on this thing. I cuss...I rant...I rave about what?...yep, jack squat!

So, I'm going to try to make this more of a "Joyful moments" blog rather than a "I hate today" blog.

Ok...the Car Pool thing. I know that there is a big hand full of people that commute (is that how you spell that?) to work everyday from Fayetteville to Rogers. SO...WHY AREN'T WE CARPOOLING??? These gas prices are biting us in the rear.

Any one...Any one? Mic two three??

Justin made it to Ukraine safe and sound. He called me yesterday from the pay phone at a grocery store and sounded cheerful and sleepy. He is there to shoot film on a mission that is happening called Global Commission started by our friend Lloyd.
Check it out!!...they also have a blog...its over on the right, in my "blogger" list. (ps...they REALLY need to update it, so don't hold that against them)

And finally...
Yes...sweet little "Boring Sally" is back. (see bloggers on right...)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


No no no...he didn't "leave me"...he left for his 2 + week long mission trip to Ukraine. He left yesterday and should be arriving in Kiev any minute now. He called me early early this morning from Munich Germany. He said the flight went well, but he felt "weird and needed to take a poop". Yep...he's fine.

I'm stupid because I always stick my foot in my mouth. This was in the form of my blog. I should have just stuck to my gut! "W" DOES know what he's doing.

You see...this weekend, I was surrounded by history/political "brainiacs" at my brother and his fiance's wedding shower. So...BEING RETARDED...I brought up the whole "Why hasn't the government moved faster on this hurrican thing" topic. And BOY was I answered very quickly....

I learned that in order for the Government to send in help (National Guardsman and Military Police), they must be first asked by the local and state level officials. The mayor has to ask the governer, and the governer has to ask up his chain of command to the President. From what I got out of this "chain of command" lesson, I found out that the Mayor and Governer of Louisianna only asked for enough help to start working on the flooding problem...not the hunger, devistation, and looting problem until Day 4. And did you know that the very first building evacuated was a hotel filled with foreigners and tourists across the street from the Mayors office?...oh, and this hotel had a very nice supply of food and bottled water...hmmm.

So...where the finger should be pointed?...I'm not sure. But as for me...I'm keeping my under-politically-educated mouth SHUT! I know I're all very happy.

And Aarron B...very good sermon at church last night...and I'll try to stay away from cussing on the blog.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Does the "W" stand for "Whatever"? Time to do something drastic Mr. Bush!

If I was a "bumper sticker" type of person, I would have "W '04" stickers ALL over it. I was the cheerleader for George W. Bush when he was running this last time. GO BUSH GO!...


Is it just me, or is our government sitting on its (excuse me mom) ASS WHEN IT COMES TO THIS HURRICANE????????????????????? I am so sick and tired of seeing people hungry, babies crying, and old people stuffed in a make-shift emergency unit in an airport. And if I hear ONE more thing about people getting so out of control that they have to shoot someone for food...I'm going to scream!!!!

I mean COME ON...when the Tsunami hit...we became "Instant miracle workers" and in a zombie like state, went over there immediately...smiling...with food in hand...saying "America's a Little Debbie and a Band Aid".

...but here we are...our own people are suffering, and we are on to day 4!?!? WHY? Why are people crammed in the convention center down town New Orleans and are considered "too dangerous" to send in food and support to, but freakin' Harry Connick Jr can go to them this morning in a little rental car and a camera on the Today show?

I'm sorry...but aren't our soldiers over in Iraq getting killed every single day by crazy people? THESE ARE OUR OWN PEOPLE IN NEED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

Send our guys into THIS battle zone!