Thursday, January 08, 2009


"Turn and face the strain. Ch..Ch...CHANGES". Thank you David Bowie.

Well, its official. I put in my notice at the bank and my last day to be "The Singing Banker" will be Friday, January 16th 2009. Yes folks, its true. I will no longer be balancing other folks check books or making loans to folks who can't pay back the folks that gave them the money.

Most people know that I've never been a banker at heart, so this is a big new adventure for me. I've been in banking since January of 2002 and my last day will be just over my offical 7 year aniversary in this profession. I've worked at 3 banks total and not a single one has made me happy.

Sure, I've loved the folks I've worked WITH...but the job? I never liked the job. And,, I'm ready to bow out and move on. I'm pumped for a new adventure in life. One that includes a very very very tight budget and lots of soy sauce.

Oh...and I cleaned up my side bar a bit. If you haven't blogged in over a year, I took you off. Its the spring cleaning rule of one year. If you haven't worn in over a year...THROW IT OUT. (Not our friendship...just the blog.)


Anonymous sarah said...

wow... a little hurt.. :) i was removed from your sidebar... AND was within your 'over a year' blogging guideline....I actually blogged within the last year. my last post was in Nov. :P

5:32 PM  

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