Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wiley, Ish, Sneeze and the Jones' (and a Bailey to boot...)

I haven't updated in awhile. I don't have much to say...but, I'll catch you up.

This last week, Justin and I have been house sitting for our good friends, David and Laura Jackson.

The Jackson's don't have, it has really encouraged us to read and slow down more this week. Today, we're starting week two. It amazes me how much time I spend watching TV...and I don't realize it until I'm forced to NOT watch it. (They do, however, have an AMAZING movie collection and an awesome movie room.)

Along with forcing us to read and relax more, comes the responsibility of 3 little monsters.

Sneeze the outside cat
Ish the inside cat
and...Wiley the dog

Sneeze pretty much keeps to herself and comes and goes as she pleases.

Ish is a high maintenance kitty that will meow...non stop...for about 1/2 an hour until you pick her up and give her love.

Wiley...OH WILEY!! He's one of the funniest dogs I've ever been around. He's a 3 or 4 year old Boxer. He's all white except for one brown circled eye and a brown ear. SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! And so full of life.

We had the pleasure of our friend Brian Bailey staying with us this weekend while his wife was out of town, and he rented out his condo to some people in for Bikes, Blues and BBQ (an annual festival here in Fayetteville.) Justin and Brian sat in the living room the other night and laughed and cut up for a long time. I think it was good for Justin to be around another guy and

Speaking of Justin...the dude threw his back out. AGAIN! He does this about once a year. He was moving rugs last week, and BAM! His back went out. He was very lucky that a few friends were there to help him with the rugs and get him on his feet. Poor guy...he's just miserable.

Our house is officially on the market with Kirkland Real Estate here in Fayetteville. We've lowered our asking price and are still offering it partially furnished.

LORD...SELL OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!! (and the Hirschy's too.)


Blogger Kat said...

I love the Jacksons! Hope everything else is going well! I will be thinking about Justins back!

9:08 PM  

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