Tuesday, August 30, 2005

SHUT UP LADY!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I was doing some "job recruiting" for my "organization" that I work for, at the U. of A. student union. Seeing as I'm known as quite the "people watcher" this was a FIELD TRIP for me. (Wow...that makes me sound really creepy doesn't it?)

I love going to the mall, sitting down at a bench and just watching people go by. People are SO different. You know what I mean?...

Well, anyway, yesterday at the U. of A., I was doing just this. (with an occasional "Hi...would you like a pencil or sucker?...what about a job")
...When all of the sudden I was fixated (is that how you spell that?) on this group of sorority girls. They were all standing in a huddle and chatting away. They were so close that I could hear every single word. So, ofcourse...duh...I LISTENED!

Let me replay their conversation for you:

"This hurricane thing sucks"
"Yah, did you see all the damage to the beaches"?
"Oh...I know...my family goes down to Gulf Port, like, every spring"

"Yah...and that new Hard Rock cassino can't even open now"
"Oh, and hello...I went to Mardi Gras every single year for the past 3 years. What am I supposed to do this March?"


I wanted to walk up to them and SLAP THEM ACROSS THE FACE AND YELL WAKE UP! PEOPLE ARE DEAD!!!!!!
...and then it dawned on me...

WAKE UP SHELLI...PEOPLE ARE DYING EVERY DAY IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck are YOU doing about it??? You're just as bad as those girls. STUPID!

Man...Heaven's gonna rock!

Monday, August 29, 2005

"Calgon...take me away!!!!!!"

Does anyone else remember that commercial? The girly bubble bath stuff??? Remember that the only thing it was good for was causing yeast infections and a very slippery bath tub that caused you to fall the next morning when you got in for your shower?


My day of rest (thankfully not consisting of a "Calgon" bath) was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lord!

I slept in until 10:45, went to lunch with my hubby, checked my email, went back home, did some laundry, took a shower, and vegged by the TV until dinner time. IT WAS AWESOME! I felt so refreshed and "chilled"...it was great.

Saturday I was productive however. I started the day off with the annual "Mug and Muffin" hosted by our womens ministry at my church. It was nice to get together with other ladies...but a bit too early for me on a Saturday. 9:30 to be exact! I'm more of a"Dr.Pepper and Hamburger around noon-ish" type of person rather than "Mug and Muffin"...

...after that, my hubby and I worked on our house. I unpacked boxes for the Kitchen and he worked on the Living room. We REALLY need to get rid of a lot of stuff. We've got WAY too much crap.

Sunday was the usual...; sleep in until 10:00 or so, go to breakfast and then off to our respective church responsibilities until 9:30 or so at night. Sometimes we just want to scream "Why did we choose such a time consuming religion???"...but then we stop and remind ourselves of Gods sacrifice on the cross, his grace, mercy and the fact that he chose us. So...we suck it up and keep on goin'.

Ok...and now its that point in the story when I must say "ado" and go back to "the job". Yep...you know the one I'm talkin' about.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Tomorrow (oh what a glorious word) I am taking THE DAY OFF FROM WORK!!!!!!!!!! I'm using a personal day...and you know what I'm going to do???? ...wait for it..nothing. I want absolute silence and calm. I want to listen to birds singing, not the phone RINGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yah, you heard me. Do I have a house that needs cleaning?...yep. Do I have a refrigerator empty?...sure do. Do I have a bed that needs making?...NOT TOMORROW! I am sleeping in, watching my soaps, and maybe...MAYBE...brush my hair, but I'll probably just wear a hat. Thats IF I go out of course.

Why this day of sloth?

Well you see...I'm tired. I'm just so dang tired. And when I'm tired... I AM DANG GRUMPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I know that there are some new mommies that read my blog...and all I'm asking for is sympathy from "non-new mommies"...you girls are in a totally different "sleep bracket" then the rest of us.

You may be saying "but, Shelli...didn't you just go to DC on a trip?". Yes...I did. And I got up at around 7:00am...went to bed around 1:30am everyday and rushed Rushed RUSHED. There was ABSOLUTELY no time to just relax. (Actually, it was quite the opposite of relaxed). I came home literally exhausted. And since then, I've done nothing but GO GO GO! I haven't had a day to just sit back and relax. My Saturdays have been full...My Sundays have been swamped...and I'm about to PULL MY FREAKIN' HAIR OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So please...do not call me...do not attempt to knock on my door. Because you know what???...I ain't answerin'!!!

Ps...for the girls that "read into things" like me. Don't worry, Its not about you...I still totally love ya and will gladly talk to you on Saturday. And for the other guys and gals that are saying "whats the big deal?". ITS A HUGE DEAL...GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for my wonderful Husband that may want to use this oppurtunity to do something fun and wonderful tomorrow with me...sorry babe...I love you so much...but don't count on it. Just let me be.
Spamburger?...no thanks.

Just some FYI...I just added a "word verification" thingy to my blog. If you comment...you now have to do a "word verification" so that it protects me from that dang spam crap.


ps...want to protect yours too? Go to "settings", then "comments". Click on "yes" in the "word verification" section.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Happiness...in a jar...on a shelf
...too high for me to reach.

I was asked by someone the other day what my "passions" were. What makes me tick...what do I love to do...what brings me complete joy...? I'm sad (very sad) to say that my jaw hung open and I could not answer her. I had no "quick" answer...no "Sunday school" answer...no "being in love" answer...I HAD NOTHING!

About 4 years ago, my answer would have been something like this:
"Oh, lets see...I love love LOVE being outside...I love leading the ropes course and seeing people stretch out of their comfort zone. Also...I'm falling for a guy named Justin...he was my "high school sweetheart" and he's just SO wonderful. And...ok...Um, I just graduated college and am SO excited to start my career with Arvest. Um...I think I'm going to start getting into photography. My Dad just gave me his old camera and I really want to learn how to use it properly. Also, I'm singing in the Tulsa Oratorio Chorus and am one of the featured Sopranos for Arias and Airs. And finally...I just LOVE THE LORD!"

I don't really like the idea of being outside for longer than I have to. I'm still very much in Love with Justin...but the reality of Marriage and how hard it is, is starting to sink in. My career at Arvest has come to a close and I now work for a place that isn't NEARLY as fun...and I cry alot because of it. I never did really get into photography...but I think that if I could...this could REALLY be an "artsy outlet" for me. I only sing at church now, and have not sung anything within the classical range in over 2 years. My degree in Vocal Music performance is starting to go to a waist... THIS IS BREAKING MY HEART!...because that is where my true true true gift of my vocal talent is. I looked into doing a community choir with the University of Arkansas, but their were WAY too many scheduling conflicts. And finally...yes, I still LOVE THE LORD, but sometimes feel like a mediocre Christian.

What happened to ME? Where did Shelli go? What happened to the girl that was quick to jump in a car and take a random road trip? What happened to the girl that was so spastic that she needed to take an afternoon nap to calm down? What happened to the girlfriend of Justin that used to do "free style walking" and go to see cool bands with her boyfriend? What happened to the lady that gave private voice lessons and was an "up and coming" voice in Tulsa? (according to the "Tulsa World" paper) What happened to my waiste??? WHERE THE HECK IS THAT? Huh...? When did I stop being the one that initiated the fun and started being the one that was "debbie downer"?

THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, August 19, 2005


Today, I received an email. The beginning line read something like this: "Shelli, I know you're not exactly a 'kid person' ,but would you mind helping out with childcare at..."


I've always always always loved kids. They (honestly) just scare me a little. The one time...ONE TIME...I ever baby-sat my neice, she had a seizure and had to be rushed to the emergency room. So, yah...I'm a little bit skiddish of being alone with a small person.

But, the fact of the matter is...I do not like working in "child care". I could NEVER EVER work at a "day care center". That would totally get on my last nerve and honestly, I would be the lady who always asked to be in the nursery so that I could just sit there and hold the baby that was already asleep when the brought him or her in.

BUT...here's the thing...the other day, my husband and I watched 6 little boys...ok, I'll repeat...6 LITTLE BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thanks a million Babyar...just kiddin') And it was fun. I fed them dinner and everything.

Maybe I just need to be more willing to "serve" in this area. If I concentrate on "serving" like Christ "served", then maybe I'll be more "ministry minded" rather than "self absorbed".

I WANT TO BE AN ELMO...but i think i'm an oscar the grouch!

The other day, I quoted on another friends blog "I like kids...just not yours!" Gee, and I wonder why people think these things about me! HMMM....

Thursday, August 18, 2005

"Shelli and the terrible horrible no good very bad day"

My dog got out of her pin (again) and tore through my living room all night long.
My husband and I got in "a heated" conversation about it...and now I'm sad.

The girl I wanted to hire for my office came back as a big old "NO" in the world of references...not I'm back on the "now hiring" wagon.

I have a runner in my hose...

dry skin on my nose...

And I ran out of hairspray, and I had to use Oleta's which smells like "old lady".

My feet stink (as usual)...

I have a headache (probably from the "old lady" hairspray)...


ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....boo hissy!

This is a terrible horrible no good very bad day. I think I'll move to Australia.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Struggles from a Christian wanna be...

To quote my grandma "Oh dear"...

So listen, I'm not good at reading the bible or praying or seeking wisdom from God or anything like that. I just thought I'd throw that out there to start this whole thing off. In fact, I have a REALLY REALLY hard time reading the bible. Maybe this is because of my Adult A.D.D...which has never ever been diagnosed, but if you are a friend of mine, or have ever spent just a little length of time with me, you'll probably go "Ah ha! That totally makes sense...thats why she is the way she is. The girl just can't concentrate!"

Truth be told, I just can't get "into" the word. And I mean this in the most shallow way possible. I'm the type of person that MUST be entertained at all times of the day in order for me to fully grasp the task at hand and be succeful in understanding it. If I'm working away at things for work, I MUST HAVE MUSIC! If I'm doing manual labor...I will always be that girl who is more mesmerized by the way the hammer is crafted and designed than doing the work necassary. If I am going to study Gods word...I've got to do it in small doses in order for me to "get it".

The way that our bible studies are set up with the Grove (thats my church) is that we will read scripture...observe it...pull out the obvious points...find out what the point was...and move to the next verse. I GET LOST ON STEP ONE!!!!!!!!!! I'm so horrible at this. I will read about 5 words, then stop reading and start listening. I'm also not one to dive in and find all these super cool relationships between versus...and I'm CERTAINLY not the one to quote some awesome Christian author or anything. (because I can't STAND TO READ!)

I really wish that I could be the type of person to read my bible everyday, find deep spiritual meaning in it, and encourage others along the way with my"SUPER ON FIRE FOR CHRIST ATTITUDE!"...but...I'm not.

Am I nothing but a Christian Wanna be, just coasting along the "highway to heaven"? Aren't we told that if you're luke warm, you are nothing? (hey...wait a minute...I believe I just quazi-quoted the bible) I mean really...when did the longing to dive in to the word and Christian music leave? I wasn't aware of this departure. It just snuck up on me. One day I was listening to a Christian radio station, and the next day...well, ok I'm still kind of a nerd in this area...but you catch my drift...right?

...does anyone else out there feel this way?...So, is this just a phase?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Inappropriate Behavior at the Smithsonian...

Thats right...what do three girls from Arkansas do when they are at the Smithsonian? They take pictures of themselves groping the buttocks of innocent statues. Hee hee hee...

Ok, that was just one little thing that we did...but also, we had a BLAST in the nations capital. FYI...Abraham Lincolns statue is GIGANTIC!!! I don't think I ever knew that. And the "changing of the guards" at Arlington Cemetary is the coolest thing ever. I must say...my "Americana spirit" was lifted while I was there...but still not nearly as much as it should have been as an American.

The most touching thing that I saw (actually brought a tear to my eye) was the ongoing artistic tribut to the fallen men and women in Iraq. Its updating daily...and its REALLY moving.

Overall...the trip was lots of fun. And cheap.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

And DC on a dime...

I'm so excited...my pittiful little blog is getting a grand makeover (hopefully) by my friends Jason and Ellen. I guess they were so mortified by it, that they just needed to have an intervention. (Why do I all the sudden sound like a Seinfield episode?) I just hope that they train me in the ways of said blog, so that I may properly keep it cool and impressive to the readers eye.


I leave tomorrow for my "woo hoo" business trip to Washington, DC. I'll be in meetings all day Thursday and Friday until around 5pm...but THATS WHEN THE FUN BEGINS!!!!!!!! My two awesome friends Karen and Sarah are joining me in DC late late Thursday night, and we're going to have a weekend of
FUN-TAZMAGORIA!!!!!!!! They get to spend all day Friday together. (If they do something super fun without me, I'm going to cut their heads off in their sleep. Ha!...so there!)

We're going to spend Saturday morning touring the sites on a bus and taking in all that we possibly can in one day. We're hoping to spend a good chunk of time in the afternoon at the Smithsonian museum of American History...not that we're SUPER anxious to learn up on "American boringism", but thats the museum that has the American Pop Culture exhibit. (Exhibit A: The original "Kermit the Frog". Exhibit B: Dorothy's "ruby slippers". Exhibit C: Seinfields "puffy shirt"...do you see where I'm going here folks???? Yep...TV LAND HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!)

Ok, I'm out for now...I shall post again after DC.

Monday, August 08, 2005

I miss my Hubby!!!!!!!!!!

...thats all for today.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Spoiled Little B#tch!...

Yep, thats what Indianna (my dog) is, and since she REALLY is a "b" word, I don't mind calling her that right now!

Last night, that little "b" chewed a hole in our carpet...in our HALLWAY...IN OUR NEW HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We've owned that place for a little over a month, and it is already loosing value. GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN!

I am also having some "issues" with this little "b" and my WAY over bearing Motherly instinct with her. See, Justin was raised with dogs, and so was I...the only difference was that mine were EXTREMELY SPOILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those little (full bred) muts had more of a luxurious life than I did! My parents would always baby them, get them the BEST dog houses, make sure that they were treated by the BEST vets, gave them the most expensive food, had them AKC registered and bred, let them lick the ice cream bowls after we were done, took them on family vacations, keeps them alive with daily injections of meds, leads them around the house because they are blind, and of course brushed their hair everynight.

And so, you know what???...ofcourse, these spoiling habits have trickled down to me. I want to give "Indi" the best of everything. I was buying her "Iams" dog food (Justin secretly switched her to Purina without me noticing. Darn yellow bag.) I want to buy her a dog house (Justin insists that it is a wasted expense and he'll build her one. Note: He's been saying that for 5 months), I want to get her a travel kennel for her to sleep in at night and on vacations (...again, a waisted expense in Justin's eyes. "We'll just lock her in the hall way with a baby gate". WHICH...worked great, until we had CARPET!!!!) Her colar has "bling bling"...excuse me, but my dog has got to be "hot" if she's ever going to find a good mate. (sorry Sonny)

Ok. So, lets recap...my dog is spoiled, she chewed a hole in our carpet, and does not have a dog house. So, you may be thinking to yourself...well, if she did that yesterday, and she still doesn't have a dog house...is she outside without a house? The answer to that question would be YES! She has been officially kicked out of the house if we are not there. She will be staying in her new "back yard" (which is just a glorified big back porch with a privacy fence around it), BUT...she loves her new "back yard" so much, that she will not pee or poop back there. So...when we bring her in from being back there...she RUNS to the front door, does the potty dance and usually doesn't make it and pees on our new rug. Like last night!!...right after I saw the hole in the carpet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boo Hissy Indianna...mommy spoils you WAY too much for you to be like this. You were trained better than that.