Monday, October 31, 2005

U2 Rocked, and 2 NUDE ladies!!!

Before I go into my admiration speech on U2, I gotta tell you what Justin and I "stumbled" upon last night....

We were walking our dog Indi last night when we happened to look up at an open window of the apartments behind us. And what did we see??? TWO WOMAN COMPLETELY NAKED JUST STANDING THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!! What in the world were they doing?? I don't EVEN want to know. But, the bad thing is, while Justin and I were just figuring out what we were looking at, is when they saw us looking at them. OH MY GOSH THEY THINK WE ARE PERVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aggggghhhh!...anyway...

Ok, that was the most AWESOME concert!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had the most AMAZING seats!!!!!!! (I'm kind of sounding like Katie Holmes talking about Tom Cruise huh?)

...but seriously, our seats ROCKED! We were on the back side of the stage about 4 rows away from Larry Mullins Jr rockin' on the drums. And did I mention that it was a round stage, so when Bono, the Edge, and Adam walked around they were RIGHT THERE????????? I could have reached out and given them a "good game, good game, good game" hand slap. Ok, maybe not THAT close, but I could see details on their clothes. So close that the jumbo tron was above my head and I didn't need to watch it. So close that I could REALLY see just how much Bono is a drama queen. He really really is.

Oh, and did I mention that I LOVE U2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm hooked, Now I have to go see them again. Whoa is me!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Don't call us, we'll be with BONO...

Yep thats right...the "weekend of weekends" has finally arrived. I will be seeing my most favorite band in the ENTIRE WORLD THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so excited, I'm about to pee pee in my panties. I've been a U2 fan for some time now, and this weekend will be a completion of a dream. I'm so so so excited. The concert will be in Houston. And speaking of Houston...what is up with those Astros? I mean come on're in the world series, and you can't even win a HOME GAME? Grrrr... will be a super fun road trip. It will be me, super hot hubby Justin, our good friend Karen, and since her hubby couldn't come, her sister Sara will be joining in the fun.

Anyway...yeah for us...we're gonna see U2!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My "Willy Wonka" House...

My friend Sarah thought it would be a good idea for me to blog about my experience in the "Willy Wonka" house I lived in while at NSU. So, for your reading enjoyment:

This was a basement apartment I shared with a girl named Beth. When you walked in the front, you realized that the ceiling was level with the top of the door. right around 6'. Then, as you proceded in, you walked down hill, the ceiling became normal height, and the room got "taller". (or were you getting smaller??) It was so weird.

Right when you walked in the front door, there was a bedroom/office that jotted off to the right and a bathroom on the left. The door handle to the bathroom was at the height of my knee. NO LIE. I had to bend down to open the door to my bathroom. I always assumed that it was because of the short comings of the ceiling, but still...weird.

The bedroom/office on the right was about 7 x 7. TINY! Somehow, Beth managed to put her bunk beds in there and had ABSOLUTELY no room left. So, she used the top bunk as storage. My bedroom was at the very end of the apartment and had no windows. It was like a cave in there. (hence the reason I made my friend Sarah stay in the bat cave at another apartment a year later...I had already served my time in the Willy Wonka one.)

Another great / HORRIBLE thing that happened in that apartment was the ATTACK OF THE FLEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The day that Beth moved in to the apartment, somehow a cat got in. Well...Beth is one of the biggest suckers for pets that I've ever known. She let the cat in, she fed it and babied it for awhile. When I came home that day, I was like WHAT THE HECK IS A CAT DOING IN HERE?.... Shoo Shoo kitty. Bad kitty.

Anyway, Well...sweet little kitty witty had a massive amount of fleas that decided to nest in our couch and all over our carpet. We had to deal with these for like 4 months...and the worst part was...WE GAVE FLEAS TO OUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friends were all attacked from the fleas because of me. Yah...we were like the laughing stock of the entire campus.

Luckily, I was only there for 6 months. But that was 6 months WAY WAY too long!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Let me introduce you to Rhonda the Honda CR-V. We got her today.
She is so fun and spunky. I hope to take you all on a nice drive soon.
Yippee Skippee!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

"I can't say that I blame you"...UM HELLO???

These are the words that came out of my BOSSES mouth when I gave my 2 week notice yesterday: "Well, I can't say that I blame you Shelli. I mean, you HAVE had it pretty tuff there. I hope it wasn't anything that I've done."

I think that solidifies my need to run...Run...RUN FAR AWAY from this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"When he rolls up his sleeves, he ain't just puttin' on the Ritz"!!!!

Oh, sweet sweet Rich Mullins. I really loved his music...BUT...that line right there is pretty darn cheezy. And then he follows it with "There is thunder in his footsteps and lightnin' in his fists". WHY RICH...WHY?


Anyway...our God IS an Awesome God!!! And here's why:

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The time to hesitate is through" -Jim Morrison "The Doors" Come on Baby Light my fire.

Yes, thats is the day that I give a good 'ol "I DON'T LIKE YOU, SO I'M OUT OF HERE" goodbye to Western Federal Credit Union. The worst place in Northwest Arkansas to work. (with, I'm sure, the exception of a few fast food joints and Wal-Mart stores) Although...I will say this: They have MUCH better loan rates. So, if you're buying a car...go there.

I'm off to different and happier (please God) times at, yet, another Financial Institution in Northwest Arkansas. (good grief, she gets around when it comes to Banks) But, this time, I AIN'T GONNA WIPE YO HINY, 'CAUSE I AIN'T GONNA BE YO MANAGER!!!! I'm saying a very "not" fond farewell to the management roll. I really DO NOT like it, and wish to never play that roll AGAIN. Until I'm a mom.

YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Yee Haw...I'm going to Austin Texas!

I've never been to Austin. That will soon be remideed by this upcoming week.

I leave on Monday and return late Tuesday night from Austin Tx. I have a very short business meeting to attend there. Maybe I can go see where they film "Austin City Limits"...or even better, take in a show. (Yah right fly in Monday night and head back Tuesday afternoon!)

It amazes me that this place (which shall remain nameless for a bit longer) I work for will moan and groan about bringing in extra help, or nice office furniture, or fixing the FREAKING phones, or paying overtime...or anything NEEDED like that...but, they're quick to fly their branch managers and upper management all over the United States for meetings that last ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? What the heck?

Oh well...I will hopefully be giving my notice soon anyway. On to happier times!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What 80's heart throb do YOU love??? Take the Test!

Your 80s Heartthrob Is
Kirk Cameron
Mine was Kirk Cameron...which is funny, because I had a room COVERED WITH HIS PICTURE in the eighties...and now, he does "Left Behind" movies. Oh Kirk...I love ya!



So, my dog seems to be barfing and yacking a lot these days. I'm beginning to be a little concerned. She has the tendency to chew on EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD...and I am finding my self cleaning it up in the mornings after she's barfed it up.

It started a little over 2 weeks ago when she chewed up a friends bright orange nerf football. Later on, she was hacking and wheezing and eventually barfed up lots of orange chunks of foam.

...then the other day, I woke up to her hacking outside my bedroom door, and found a little pile of stuff that consisted of her green lizard toys head.

...then this morning, again, I found a little pile of stuff that consisted of chunks of hard black plastic in it.

Its this hurting her stomach? Is this normal? Is she just being a dog and I should not worry?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I have a cold...BOO HISSY!


This weekend, Justin and I went trout fishing with my parents, grandparents, and my sisters family. It was a lot of fun, and we caught a lot of fish. (Anyone up for a fish fry, cause good grief our freezer is packed with trout!)

...well, my sweet little niece and little nephew had the sniffles this weekend, and were limited to the amount of outside time they had. So...what did good ol' aunt Shelli do? PLAYED WITH THEM! And guess what?...I'm sicker than a dog now.

It started Sunday throat was hurting really bad, and I had a slight head ache. its Tuesday and WAMMO!!!!!! BRING ON THE FUNK! My head feels like its going to fall off of my body, and this cough is gross! Phlegm and all!!!! YUCKY!!!

So, like a big old loser, I skipped my early morning bible study today, and was late to work. Blah!

Did I meantion that I hate being sick? I really want to be home right now, curled up in my bed watching a good movie and drinking cocoa. hissy!

Monday, October 10, 2005

I'm down with the "Tag" thing...

Here we go now:

10 Years ago:
I was 17 years old and really enjoying my senior year of high school. I had a crush on Justin and was working at "Mardels" christian book, music, and office supply store. (which I was fired from because my BOSS forgot to write down my vacation with my parents! Jerk!) I had NO earthly idea of what fashion for a chubby girl consisted of...except my moms closet. YUCK.

5 years ago:
I was in my 5th year of college and working on my senior recital. It was a mixture of jazz and classica arias. I must recital was WAY cooler than others. My highschool crush Justin even showed up....and the tingles for him began AGAIN!!!

1 year ago:
I had been married to Justin for about 7 months and was (like Ellen) trying to figure out the whole "sex thing". It was fun...but, sometimes, not all THAT romantic...and sometimes hard work.

I took a very long nap and went to church. I had gone fishing with Justin and my family this weekend, and was EXTREMELY sleepy.

5 snacks I enjoy:
-red seedless grapes and colby/jack cheese squares
-reeses peanut butter cups
-brocolli or cauliflower dipped in fat free ranch dressing
-kettle corn
-sonic tator tots with cheese

5 songs I know every word to:
-"Un Bel Di Vedremo" aria from Madame Butterfly
-"Under the boardwalk"
-"Why are their so many songs about Rainbows?"-Kermits version ofcourse
-The theme song from "Growing Pains" As long as we've got each other...we've got the world spinnin' right in our hands baby, rain or shine...ALL THE TIME...
-"Ice Ice Baby"

5 things I'd do with 1 million dollars:
-whipe out all of our debt
-buy a new dependable Toyota or Honda
-buy Justin a Toyota Tacoma
-Take my ENTIRE family on a cruise (even the annoying ones)

5 places I'd run to:
-Christ as my sanctuary
-New Life Ranch (about 6 years ago...)
-Justins arms
-my moms couch and let her play with my hair while I rest my head in her lap

5 things I'd never wear:
-tapered leg pants
-parachute pants
-extremely expensive shoes
-T-shirt with any athletic brand logo across the front
-a shirt tucked in

5 favorite TV shows:
-The Family Guy
-Sex and the City (TBS version)
-Trading Spaces
-I love the 70's, 80's, or 90's on VH1

5 Biggest Joys:
-My extremely sexy husband
-my funny family members and friends
-Singing at my church
-Indiana Jones (the greatest puppy in the WORLD)
-knowing that no matter what I do, Christ still accepts and loves me

5 favorite toys:
-my old Atari set that my parents sold at a garage sale for 1$ (with the joy sticks and all the games) Grrrrr...
-the remote control
-my new cell phone
-my Pampered Chef chopper

5th line from my 23rd blog:

"She knows this place backwards, forwards, and side-ways. So...I took her to lunch."

5 People I shall now tag:

Friday, October 07, 2005


Is it home to the "smoking fry" (to all of you who have seen the documentary "Super Size Me" ) or, the best fast food place IN THE WORLD????

These days, I'm saying the latter of the two. Why??? Allow me to elaborate:

1. They have the new "premium" chicken sandwiches. Have you tried these things yet?? Holy moly...THEY ROCK! I always get the grilled chicken club.

2. The Monopoly game. This thing has rocked my face off for about 10 years now. I'll order the extra value meal JUST so that I can take the game pieces off of the fry box. I don't usually eat too many fries though. They leave a yucky film on the roof of your mouth.

3. The fruit and walnut salad. HALLELUJAH!!!!!! I love that thing. It is the easiest, most awesome breakfast. I partake quite a bit. Yum.

4. Their salads are really yummy, and they now have bottled water too!! Go Mickey-D's!

5. ...and finally. I must MUST pay my respects to the Big Mac. "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, pickles, onions, cheese on a sesame seed bun"....or something like that. I LOVE AND ALWAYS WILL LOVE THE BIG MAC! (not to be confused with the Big Mic from the movie "Coming to America".)

So, I'm a fatty...this is why!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A New Look...

I was bored with the I got sassy and changed it up a bit.

Polka Dots! Yes...thats the mood I'm in today.

However, I do need some advice...

I want my sidebar items to be farther over to the
I want my sidebar items to all line up, not "some indented"!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"Let go of my eggo"...I mean EGO!

Let me introduce you to my alter-ego:

She is the same girl on the inside (shelli). But she is a missionary, photographer, musician, mommy, hubby lover, puppy snuggler, turtle-neck sweater knitter, family member encourager, and she likes to throw pottery.

Her favorite place to shop is "Cheap Thrills" and "Wet Seal" (when the side-walk-sale is happening). The "bohemian" style sums her up in one word. Her shoes are flip flops or chocos in summer, or her hiking shoes in winter. When she goes out on the town, she puts on her best pair of un-faded blue jeans, throws on a cool sequenced top, and a simple high heel. Her hair is the natural brown, BUT with fire-engine red streaks through it. Her belt reads "rockstars wife" on the back.

She upgraded to a large SUV to tote the kiddos, the dog, and the hubbys drum set around town. She excells at guittar and mandolyn. She is the lead singer in a cool bluegrass /folk band with her friends.

She cooks healthy meals for her family, full of whole grains, lean meats and veggies. She always has a bottle of water in her hand. But...when she wants a burger, pop and fries, she hops in the SUV, does not pass go, does not collect 200$ and orders it!!!

She always has a smile on her face, and is known around town as one of the nicest happiest people they know...

She is not a banker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But...thats not me right now. Maybe someday.


Monday, October 03, 2005


Shelli: "Hi, my name is Shelli, and I have debt"
leave Leave LEAVE!!!!!!"

Yep, thats how I feel everytime I open up my mail. The bible says that we should confess our sins before man. Well, in this case, its before the blogger.

See, it all started when I graduated college 4 years ago. I had an apartment to furnish, a fridge to fill, new work clothes to buy, and a brand new car to put gas in. And my new job wouldn't pay for a whole month. So, what did I do? I applied for a Discover card as my very first credit card (thinking that I would only get about $1000.00 as a credit limit) OH NO!!!! LETS TRY OUT $6500 ON THIS CREDIT CARD VIRGIN!!!!! Muhahaha!!!!

Needless to say, in the course of about a year...the card was MAXED OUT! So, what do I do? I apply for another card to do a balance transfer to lower my rate. I received the card...but what did they do? They only transfered $1000.00 of the balance, but still gave me another $1500 of credit availible!!!!! MAXED IT OUT WITHIN ABOUT 4 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, are you doing math? Yep, I'm at $8000.00 in credit card debt!!!!!!!!!! 6500 + 1500 = 8000

So, by 23 years old, I had 8000 in credit card debt and I owed about 14,000 on my car. So...$22,000 in debt by 23 years old. Thank God that I came out of college with no student loans. I was a rare breed.

You may be asking yourself..."but where is she now??"...

Not including my new mortgage...I've only made a tiny little bitty dent in the number. And I mean tiny!!!

It really really sucks!

...and remember...I'm not even including the debt that Justin brought in when we got married. Thats a whole other stress!!!

Please pray for God to reveal to Justin and I exactly what steps we need to take in this situation. We've talked about Bankruptcy, debt consolidation, selling his truck, and everything else under the sun. We're just too stretched and too stressed!

...prayer please!