Wednesday, June 29, 2005

To Cut or Not To Cut!!
That is the question...

I just saw a girl with the CUTEST hair!
And, me being the type to covet hair, started
to drool! It was so cute! Short! Highlighted!
"Chunky"! Spunky! and darling.

So, should I cut?...or should I let it go?

I think some of you out there have seen me
with long hair and with short hair. So, you
people are the ones that I'm depending on
to give the "staight up" answer. Well...after
my husband tells me what HE wants.

I usually cut it during the, maybe
I should just stick to tradition.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005


That is right! "Mary Kay" is really starting
to show her lovely face to me. Last night I was
truly truly blessed.
AKA...the sales were AWESOME!

Check out my Mary Kay Blog...its over on
the right in the "sidebar".

But, I've got to take a second and say
"To God be the glory", because he is the
one that made yesterdays joys possible.

The reason I'm even doing this whole "Mary Kay" thing is:

1. Financial Freedom.
(I'm sick and tired of debt. HATE IT!)
2. To enable my husband to go to school and not work.
3. To hopefully be a (mostly) stay at home
mommy some day. The Mary Kay organization is ALL
about working your business around your life.
NOT VICE VERSA!!!! God First, Family Second,

So, last night was just a testimant to the
glories that God bestows on us all. PRAISE GOD!!!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Hair-do Shmair-do!!!

Do you ever find yourself with a bad "hair rut"? Not hair cut RUT! I want to do something super cute and drastically different with my hair, but I think I'm too much of a wimp.

The other day, I heard an interesting statistic. (but seeing as how 70% of statistics are just fabricated lies...I don't know if I can trust it...but then again, that "70% thing" is just another statistic. VISCIOUS CIRCLE OF LIES!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway... I heard that women are more likely to keep the same hair-do for years. Usually haulting at either marriage or childbirth. So...what ever your hair looked like on your wedding day, is more than likely, what it will look like in 25 years from then. Or...even worse...what your hair looked like when you had your first baby is what it will look like in 25 years. (which, if you've seen a woman on the day of giving birth...this can sometimes be a SCARY site! Ellen M. being an exception to this rule. Seriously...NOT FAIR ELLEN!) being just past my first year of marriage, I'm starting to get a wee bit skiddish!


Lets take a moment to talk about Oleta. ( my co-worker I've referenced many times ) Oleta is 37 years old, and has the hair-do of a highschool senior in the class of 1988. ARE YOU PICTURING THIS??? She has big feathered bangs and permed longer hair. (actually, its not permed...its I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on that one) But come on...FEATHERED BANGS????????? Seriously woman...move on! BUT...She gave birth to her son Chris in 1988...which explains a lot. ( if this statistic is indeed true)

Oh Lord, please keep me on the upper cusp of fashion. Remind me daily to keep it sassy and updated!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Felons and Supervisors...

Today is a crazy day. I took my branch supervisor (kinda like my assistant manager under me) to lunch...and tonight, Justin and I are taking a guy with a "not so good with the law" track record to dinner.

Lets start with Oleta. She is the one that I lean on the most at this office. She knows this place backwards, forwards, and side-ways. So...I took her to lunch. We just chatted...mainly about life. Her husband is having some really bad health problems right now. He needs a heart transplant, but doesn't qualify for one. THAT SUCKS! Its like starving, but not qualifying for a food donation. I'm sure there is more to it than that...but thats the most realistic view I have right now.

On to Tommy. Tommy works with Justin at the construction sight, and has been in trouble with the law since 19. He did time in prison for a long time and since he got out...he just keeps on running in to crap. CRAP AFTER CRAP AFTER CRAP... It seems like a viscious cycle for him, and Justin and I are heart broken for him. He really is a SUPER nice guy. But, he just can't keep his "shit straight" as Justin would say. Last weekend, he left his truck at our house while he did manditory time at the city jail. So...Justin and I are taking him out to eat tonight. He deserves a good meal, and we can ATLEAST minister to him in that way.

So...just keep Oleta and Tommy in your prayers.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


To my party?...

on Saturday...

at my house?...

Well, are you? If so, I'll see you at 2pm on Saturday! Woo should be lots of fun.

...and incase you didn't know...its for girls...not stinky boys.

Monday, June 13, 2005

MONDAY MONDAY... (10:48am)

"Rainy days and mondays always get me down..." -The Carpenters

Well, its Monday already. I feel exhausted from the weekend, and not at all ready to take on the banking world. BLAH!

I have a doctors appointment this afternoon...going for a "second opinion" on some possibly scary stuff. Hopefully not though...keep me in your prayers. I'll let you know...don't worry.

So, listen, I'm back on the "must find new diet...must loose weight" train again. I hate this train, I've been on and off of it since I was 15. That was the year I gained ALL of my weight back after having a "bizarre" sickness that made me drop like 50 pounds, vomit everyday, loose hair, and gave viles and viles of blood for testing. THAT SUCKED!

...truth is, I really miss the outdoors. I used to go outside ALL the time to play, hike, camp, climb, and just chill. NOW...just the though of it makes me short of breath. Two months ago, at the womens retreat, I hiked up this steep hill with about 20 other ladies. OH MY LORD, I THOUGH I WAS GOING TO DIE. Literally...I really did wonder if I was having a heart attack. Luckily, I had a dear friend with me, and a nurse. God was looking out for me. Well, I made it up the hill...but the battle was / is far from over. I want to do that ( hike) more. I want to just put on my shoes, go for a run, and stand at the edge of a cliff over looking Gods beautiful creation. But...I CAN'T.


Update : 3:01pm, I went to the doctor. It looks like I get to do a "stress test" to see if I have some "heart issues". Ooh yeah! NOT!

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Well, as of yesterday, the seller did not accept our offer, but as of today...HE HAS!

So...this means that "Casa de Jones" may be relocating soon to a "towncasa"!...townhouse for all you non spanish speakers out there. WOO HOO!!!!!! I'm getting excited. We will own property. How exciting!!!!

We looked at furniture last night, which really got my blood pumping.... We're thinking about selling our couches and purchasing new ones. I really want red couches. SO FUN! Justin likes the idea, we're on a roll so far!


Tuesday, June 07, 2005


What?...buying a house is hard work?

BOO HISSY! I do not like this at all.

Yes, for those of you who did not know, Justin and
I are AGAIN into the rat race from hence homes are
bought and sold. (or in our case... a shamefully small
townhouse near campus) Closing costs? Pre-paid
costs? Warrenty? Inspections? Appraisals?...Good
grief does it come with free food for life and a TV?...
it should! AND....could the market in Northwest Arkansas
be ANY MORE EXPENSIVE?? I'm surprised we were
able to find anything at all with the $ amount we were
pre-approved at. I thought there for a little while
that we would be living in a shoe, ok, maybe a shack.
But I mean COME ON...a shack? That was always
the lowest you could live in on the "M.A.S.H." game as a
giddy little school girl. (mansion, apartment, shack, house...)

Well, here are the facts...we made an offer (which
was VERY reasonable in our eyes) and they "countered".
OH COME ON!!!! You're supposed to read the offer,
say "oh my thats fabulous", accept the offer,
we all sit, drink hot tea, and eat scones. Jolly good time!
OH BUT NO........ it has to be WAY HARDER! Fine,
we'll see your offer, and add some more. SO THERE!
If we don't get it, we'll be upset, but we'll move on.


SERENITY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 06, 2005


"...He's the one that make you feel all right!"

Oh, ya baby...I had a nice long message, hair washed and blow dryed, eyebrows waxed, some new shirts, and dinner to boot this weekend! It was AWESOME!


He wanted me to pamper myself this weekend...and I did...and I LOVED IT! Thank you wonderful rockstar of mine! I need a T-shirt that says "I 'heart' Rockstars"...anyone know where I can get one? I figure with all the crazy punk kid clothes out there these days...I've gotta find one SOMEWHERE. Where is Avril Levignes phone number...think think think...

Well, I'm at work waiting for Oleta to get back lunch. I'M HUNGRY WOMAN!!! HURRY! Lord knows I'm the queen of long lunches with I can't judge.

Anyway...she's back now...I'm leaving to lunch. I shall snarl and growl on my way out. BOO HISSY OLETA!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Today is a Green Day

Not only is it a cool band, but I'm wearing lots of green today. I have on a green shirt, green sunglasses, green broach, green purse, and ofcourse the usaul green eyes. GREEN GREEN GREEN WITH ENVY!!! I want to be outside playing with my hubby and puppy. BOO HISSY! Its also payday, which means more green in my pocket...yippee skippee!

So, right now, I'm listening to "Blondies greatest hits". LOVE THAT BAND! I sometimes think that I'm Debra Harry in a chubby build, brunette headed, 27 year old body in 2005. She and I are sassy soul sisters. She was stylish (I try to be), a great singer ( I have a degree in the stuff), had cool hair (this is where I wish I had more freedom) , and always had this "mess with me and I'll kick your bootay" smirk about her (ok, this one is more of a "duh, what?" smirk on me)...but you get my point / want.

Sanguin as a Penguin!!!! Thats me! I've been told this over and over again, but have no clue what it really means. But, I will say that I like throwing that word around to make me look smarter than I actually am! haa haa!!! My best friend took a test to find out what she, she's gonna pass it on to me. Hopefully, I'll find out what I truly am...maybe its Sanguin...maybe its not, either way...I'm hopelessly goofy and need help in social situations not to look like and idiot.

Peace out! "For those who are about to Rock...we salute you!" Name the band...come it!!!

Ps...and yes, my favorite color is green...duh!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

MARY KAY anyone???

So guess what? I am now a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. HEE HEE...yep, its true!

I love Mary Kay...I've been using the stuff for about 4 years now, and figured...hey, if I love it...might as well sell it!!! (the cleansing and facial stuff is AWESOME!...especially their new microderm abrasion line. Not quite sure if I spelled that right)

So, if you or anyone you know would like a personal beauty consultant to talk to or order from...or if THEY would like to start their own business, have them contact me!