Thursday, March 30, 2006

UPDATE: Praising God and a Shout Out to my Fly Girls!!!

An Update to an ongoing post! below for the new stuff:

I’m finding many reasons to praise God today. (although I try to give him thanks daily…I some times fall short!)

1. My husband Justin is a WONDERFUL man of God...and is a snuggler.

2. We're about to get lots of rain.

3. I’m able to share "girly giggle" moments with my best friend Sarah Jean.

4. My bosses are honorable men who take care of their associates needs. (and they're quite hilarious I might add)

5. My family loves me.

6. I have enough money to live.

7. No matter how bad MY day is, my dog is always having the BEST day and loves us.

8. I have good hair.

9. That girl Jill Carrol was released from her hostages in Iraq today.

10. We have a loving God.

11. I tend to make people laugh.

12. My chubbiness is a temporary faze of my life.

And now...a "shout out" to my Fly Girls!

There is a key group of women in my life that make me feel needed and loved. They are women of different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, faiths and family situations. These women are so LOVED by me...and I just want to say thank you:

THE FLY GIRLS ARE: my bestest friend in the world Sarah Jean, my "sistor" Christi, my Mom, my Step-Mom, Virginia, Shauna, Elise, Carrie, Stacey, Gennie with a G, Kathy, Dawn, Whitney, Shelly, Libby, Beth, Brandi, Karen, Ellen, Jaime, Sarah S., Nicole, Esther, Heidi, Ashley K., Hollis, Kim, my cousin Cara H., Cara P., Jennifer, Amanda, Susan, Lindsey, Christi H. (I'm excited about you dancing back into my life), and CJ.

...and to the baby fly's: Maitlin, Elspeth, Mallori, India, Jane, Amelia, Sarah Cate, and soon to be baby Kennedy.

Thank you all for being in my life! (If I forgot someone...I'm SO sorry...I hope you know you are loved.)

Saturday, March 25, 2006



So...last month...Justin and I had a bit of a "scare". I was a whole week late on my period. (Or, I could have just been "on time" according to the doctors.) See, I have a 21 day cycle...but last month I got my period on the 29th it TOTALLY freaked us out.


I started my period last night and it had only been 18 freakin' days!!!!!!!!! What the SHNIZDONG IS GOING ON?????????????? I have NEVER EVER been early.

I was super dizzy yesterday and my boobs were KILLING me...and then...all the sudden last night..."HELLO...I'M HERE A BIT EARLY...I HOPE THATS OK!" Its like the annoying person who never knocks, and just walks right on in your house.

I have a theory or two:

1. I could have "technically" been pregnant and had a little miscarriage last month. (Lets pray that wasn't the case. The idea of that makes me really really really sad.)

2. Since I was a week late last month...and now I'm a week body is just trying to get back on "its" natural 21 day cycle.

3. This herbal body detoxification/cleanse that I'm currently doing has sent my body into "freak out mode".

4. Or...(and this is the one that I dread the most) body is just so fatigued, stressed out, and morbidly obese (yep...thats what the doctor says) that its just TRYING to maintain a normal balance, but is having a hard time doing so because of said things. YUCK!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'M A TREE HUGGIN' HIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep…I’m officially a hippy!

I’ve been doing the “belly dance workout” DVD and I went to the health food store last night and bought 3 things.

1) a magical crystal deodorant mineral salt rock thing for my stinky feet.

2) a bottle of water in biodegradable plastic…AND…

3) “First Cleanse” a detoxification and colon cleansing system for “first time cleansers”.

Yep…I said colon cleansing. What does that add up to?...yep…a bunch of crap.

I’ve actually been doing a lot of reading up and studying on this lately…and I must say…I’M FACINATED BY IT! Go to I can not wait to do this! I took my first “supplement” this morning, and my next one is coming up before bed. NO effect yet, except a slight dull head ache which they said would be normal.

Actually, Shauna is the one that got me interested in it again. Wanna join me Shauna???

Well…I’ll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: I went BACK to Ozark Natural Foods and bought all ORGANIC foods last night. We'll see....

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Well, dear patrons, I’m back.

Here is a quick run down of things I’ve done in the last week and a half:

1. Went to see the new Johnny Depp movie “The Libertine” with Virginia and Shauna. Yuck Yuck Yuck…do NOT see it.

2. After seeing said movie and a good puke…we went to Virginias house and watched the new “Pride and Predjudice” !!! HOORAY HOORAW for this wonderful romantic drama! I love love love Jane Austin! And thank you Virginia for making us warm cookies to eat while watching it. And the milk was yummy too.

3. Sat through a week of “Basic Lending School”…uh, yah…it IS as boring as it sounds. I drulled on my desk so much that week that I was dehydrated by the weekend.

4. HotSprings…good. Being in the St. Patty’s day parade…great. Seeing the parade grand marshall PAULY SHORE take a leak on a building out in public and in front of lots of people… PRICELESS!!

5. While in Hot Spings, we stayed in the most GHETTO hotel EVER! The Days Inn at Lake Hamilton is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! I made a long list of things that were so extremely wrong, and I’m writing a letter to the CEO of the company. Yep…It was THAT bad. And if I hadn’t paid $260.00 for 2 nights there…I wouldn’t be throwing such a hissy fit. But COME ON! For that sort of money…I expect at least a clean room with good service. NOT a broken Jacuzzi, a front door that will not lock, light bulbs burnt out, a piece of metal sticking out of the box springs, trash not emptied from the people before us, and un-vacumed floors. You’re probably saying… “ um, Shelli…it’s the DAYS INN.” But, I’ve stayed at a Days Inn before, and it was NEVER this bad. And I thought…hey, its in a resort town…I bet it will be nice. WRONG!!!!!!! SO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Saw the movie “V for Vendetta”…HOLY CRAP THAT MOVIE ROCKED! If you are even SLIGHTLY an action / cinematography / sci-fi / Matrix movie fan…you must Must MUST go see this movie! It is so amazing. Justin and I will probably be seeing it again soon.

7. And last…but certainly NOT LEAST… I celebrated my 2 year wedding anniversary with the most amazing, the most kind, the most tender hearted, the most romantic, the most godly, the most WONDERFUL MAN EVER yesterday. I LOVE YOU J!

Ok…that’s about it for now!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

White Trash Christmas...

Two years ago, Justin and I decided to get our picture taken as a Christmas card to send out to family and friends. Well...we decided to "Sass" it up a bit and make the picture as WHITE TRASH as possible. The thing is...we never got around to sending them out. Actually...there are a just a select few that actually have a copy of this picture. So...I decided to post it...


Monday, March 06, 2006

SHAUNA and LAFE...from whom all good food flows!!! no particular order of greatness...

First LAFE:

Ok, the man is the GRILL KING!!!!!!!!!

Lafe has started a "tradition" of sorts I guess. It seems that just about every or everyother Friday, my hubby "J" and I end up at Lafes house watching Tivo'd things...and...EATING THE WORLDS BEST GRILLED FOOD!!!!!!!!!!

I think the man has taken lessons or something. If you look up "how to grill" in the encyclopedia, I'm pretty certain it will have Lafes picture.

1. Steak = TO DIE FOR!
2. Burgers = could you get any more flavor? I DON'T THINK SO!

Lafe, you are 'DA MAN! And we love you for it!

Second SHAUNA:

“Yummy Yummy Yummy I got Indian food in my tummy….”

Ok, my friend Shauna has to be the BEST cook in the world! Or…I’ve just been really stinkin’ lucky with the stuff I’ve had at her house. But…alas…I think it’s the first option.

Reasons Shauna rocks:

1. Her and Stu JUST moved in to their new home and STILL invited me and my hubby “J” over for grub. (ps…that nickname for Justin is for me and me only…its like “shmoopy”, but cooler.)

2. She’s ethnic, therefore…cool.

3. Her food is “west Indian” because her family is from Trinidad. Yep…she’s got an all year tan that makes you sick. And…did I mention she’s gorgeous?

4. Her house was WAY more put together than mine…and I’ve been there for 6 months now.

5. Roti = mana from heaven.