Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let there be Hyperlinks!!!!!

It wasn't the mac at all...it was 'Safari' browser. Thank you "firefox" and my husband.

Ya like that "hyperlink"....YA DONE A GOOD JOOOOORRRRB THERE SHELLI!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

To "Mac" or not to "Mac"...that is the question.

So, my husband is a self proclaimed "Mac snob". I'm a PC girl...I've worked on a PC my whole "computer life". I realize that PC's are FAR inferior to Macs on many many many levels.

...but seriously...how come I can't do simple things like:

Where is the freakin' RIGHT CLICK?

If I want to edit a hyper link...or create a hyper link... how the H.E.DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS do I do that on a Mac? On a PC, I simply "right click" and VOILA...it's right there.

Plus...when I blog from my PC at work, my "post toolbar" has an icon for line spacing, hyper links, font styles, font size...and more. But, when I blog from home on our "SUPER FANTASTIC MAC" that tool bar is limited to spell check and the link to add a picture. WHERE ARE THEY? If I'm posting about my friend Sarah, I want to be able to make her name a hyper link to her blog...BUT...I...CAN'T...ON THIS STUPID MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't even ventured into the world of using Word or Excel on this thing yet. Good grief...what is THAT going to be like.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't listen to Meredith...

...that's right, don't listen to Meredith..."3:10 TO YUMA" is GREAT! It ROCKED MY FACE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...and Justin's too.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Little GRASSHAWPAH!!!!!!

I have a grasshopper that comes to visit me almost every single morning at work. He clings to my window for hours and just…looks at me. I don’t know if he is the same one everyday, but I would like to think so. It’s been going on for about 2 weeks now.

And I SWEAR he just waved at me.

I fantasize that he is having an imaginary conversation in his head about / with me. “Hi Lady, its me again. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I’m just gonna hang out here for awhile if that’s ok”. And, I would say back to him “Hey Kung Fu (that’s what I’ve named him), good to see you again. Be careful…don’t fall”.

I wonder if insects and other small things have a mind that thinks and logically reasons out things like we humans do? I’m sure the answer can be found in some biology book, but, seeing as how I’m NOT a fan of math or science…I don’t plan on reading to find it out. I bet a certain little girl, (who shall remain nameless, but is the oldest daughter of our music minister. hint hint), would know…she’s a whiz when it comes to bugs. Maybe I’ll ask her. “Excuse me ‘6 year old child’, do you know if the Grasshopper brain functions and thinks logically to reason things out like we humans do?”

I suppose that if they DID…we would be sharing offices with them, and have a mouth piece that would translate our audible words into a noise that is comprehensible to them.

Hmmmm…it’s a random day…a random day indeed.

Well, its 12:30 and he’s been here since 8am and has just hopped away. I guess he’s done with me for the day.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Living room...clean.
spare bedroom...clean.

time now 1:45 on Sunday.

bathroom...will be cleaned tonight after church, or tomorrow.

master bedroom...NO WHERE NEAR BEING CLEAN AND ORGANIZED. However, I would really love to have it all pretty and organized before my company comes on Thursday...but, I just don't see that happening. Monday (tomorrow) night is the ONLY night that I have free to dedicate to it. Tuesday night I'm helping a "handy man" project at a womans house. Wednesday night I have community group. And Thursday is when they'll be here. I just don't know when I'll have time. But, I would like to have the freedom of leaving my bedroom door open while they're here. You know what I mean? Geez....will it EVER be organized...who knows. YUCK!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Project Clean Sweep...and C.H.A.O.S.

There is ONE thing in this world that motivates me to clean my house...COMPANY! According to www.flylady.net , we have a bad case of living in C.H.A.O.S. ...or, "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome". Boy is THAT the truth!

Next weekend, we have some friends coming in from Mississippi. They'll be staying in our spare bedroom. The spare bedroom that is our "storage closet". And OH MY...it is a wreck. Not to mention that my house right now is a disaster zone. And, I don't mean to make excuses...but, Justin and I both have been really busy...and OBVIOUSLY a 5.0 Tornado ripped through here....obviously.

LIE!...WE'RE JUST SLOPPY. Dang Dang Dang!

What I'm looking at right now in my living room:

1. an un-rolled sleeping bag

2. a pile of laundry

3. opened mail that is scattered throughout the living room.

4. a coffee mug with a stain from the coffee in the bottom.

5. a random pile of stuff that was in the back seat of my car (2 serving platters, a beach towl, a skirt, a pair of shoes, a folder full of praise and worship music, and a nalgene bottle)

6. My husbands djimbe that is being used as a shelf for my bible and a red baseball cap.

7. a stock pot.

8. All of Justins school books and photography stuff.

9. My make up bag.

10. And the obvious stuff: dust, furniture, decor...

Needless to say...you "get the idea"...and that is JUST the living room. I don't even want to start on the kitchen and my bedroom (which by the way has NEVER been organized since we moved in here over 2 years ago).

So...my Saturday (today) and Sunday (tomorrow) is going to be spent cleaning. YIPPEE!...not.

And if you get a chance, go check out my friend Merediths blog...we had a pretty fun night last night, and she posted our pictures...HA HA: http://sillysongsbytheseashore.blogspot.com/ And, why is it that on my husbands apple lap top I have the hardest time making a hyperlink?...Huh? MAC snobs...huh?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

WE WON...WE WON!!!!!!!

I can’t believe it…but, my branch of the bank won the “Wackiest Office of the Week” award with the local TV Station KNWA.

They are running this promo w/ Jims Razorback Pizza…and if your office wins…you get a pizza party, and you get to be on the news.

Well, our branch is CRAZY when it comes to office pranks, so I nominated us. AND WE WON!!!!!!!!! I’ll be on KNWA channel 9 THIS Thursday…aaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhh.

This is basically what I wrote in my email to them:

Here’s just a sampling of what we’ve done to each other around here:

Stink bait on the mouth piece of the phone?...check.

Dead lizard on a co-workers keyboard?...check.

Toothpaste under the car door handle of the bank President?...check.

Covering every square inch of a V.P.’s office with post-it notes?...check.

Taking every plant, tree or flower display from the branch and filling the bank Presidents office?...check. (which; if you’ve seen my branch, you know how BIG it is…there are A TON of plants here!)

Daring a co-worker to answer the phone with an accent and demand that they keep it up during the whole phone conversation?...check.

Stuffing “packing peanuts” into every nook and cranny of a co-workers desk?...check (and actually, this is still on-going. I’ve got it comin’ real soon…yikers!)

And, of course, the every day stuff…like prank calls…randomly covering someone in “silly string” for no reason…and a few more things that would probably make the FED come and shut down our bank…but are REALLY funny.

So, look for me on the KNWA nightly news on Thursday.