Thursday, February 22, 2007


Do you ever feel like you're on the brink of something huge? Like...your life is getting ready to take a turn and it will never be the same again?

Justin and I are at that place right...wait for it...NOW.

We're in this class called Perspectives.

This class is taking our view on Christianity and the world and FLIPPING it upside down. I just really feel like God is getting ready to do something huge in us. Any time anyone has ever asked us, "what are you going to do after Justin graduates"...we've always rattled off: "He'll get a job and work for a year or two, hopefully I’ll have a baby, then its off to Seminary and then eventually into the mission field full time". I mean…for goodness sakes, look at my post called “Palma de Mallorca, Spain…”

Well, within the last month, things have been happening / said to us that make us wonder maybe God has something COMPLETELY different for us. Things that we thought were “done deals” aren’t so “done” after all. However, one “plan” that has stayed true is MISSIONS. More than EVER before in my life, I’m ready to sell the house and all our belongings and go to the mission field. Somewhere along the way, if God wills, he will give us children. But…I’m all of the sudden, not so antsy about that aspect of my life. I’m more relaxed about the idea of “in God’s timing”.

Basically…all we can say “for sure” is that Justin is graduating in December. After that…who knows. Well, God does…but NOT US!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Friends of God: A Road Trip with Alexandria Pelosi

DISCLAIMER: Before reading my blog today, please know that I don't claim to be an expert on biblical theology. I also represent no one else except myself when it comes to my statements and beliefs. They are MY thoughts.

Ok, "Friends of God: A Road Trip with Alexandria Pelosi" is a new documentary that just came out on HBO. Pelosi is the daughter of new Speaker of House, Nancy Pelosi.

THIS FILM MADE ME SICK AT MY STOMACH!!!!!!!!...for numerous reasons.

It is so sad, but sometimes my Evangelical Christian brothers and sisters say, what I think to be, the “wrong thing” or come across like idiots when filmed. Pelosi captured EXACTLY that image. On many different instances, throughout the film, I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs “YOU’RE MAKING US LOOK LIKE NON-EDUCATED FOOLS”. This statement was, unfortunately, not JUST pointed towards Pelosi, but in reaction to many of the individuals speaking.

I can’t stand the fact that she chose to primarily film (I did say primarily) and interview children when combating the topic of Creation vs. Evolution. Yes, what a fabulous idea…lets ask CHILDREN what they think about this. Children who have yet to establish their own ideas or been given the chance to reason and think logically. UGH! Look, I believe that scripture = truth. But, isn’t it also obvious that there are some MAJOR holes left out for our analytical thought and reason to draw conclusions? I believe that complete understanding MAY come in the afterlife. Ok, I’M GONNA SAY IT: Could it be possible for the belief of Creation AND Evolution to co-exist? SHOCK AND DISMAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I think so…

To quote a bumper sticker “THE BIG BANG THEORY: God spoke and BANG it happened”.

I was also really upset me because in the ENTIRE film, I don’t recall anyone speaking on behalf of global missions or that Christ was a man that served with humility to the poor, needy and un-loved.

The whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way. Christ was made to look like a fool…his believers were made to look like foolish, un-educated, narrow minded, right-winged republicans who couldn’t be swayed in any way shape or form. (And I'm a registered please don't freak out on me)

Are the Evangelical Christians reflecting Christ?...or their upbringing and Preachers?

What is REAL Christianity? What is REAL faith? If the greatest commandment is Love…then why aren’t ALL Christians giving and showing it?

I’m in a class right now, its called PERSPECTIVES…and man oh man!!!…it is taking my current perspective on life and what I thought was “Christianity” and FLIPPING IT UP SIDE DOWN.

Side note: I have a confession to make. A couple of weeks ago (before Perpectives slapped me in the face), I called a friend out on something he said that could have been considered "gross" or inappropriate. WHY DID I DO THAT? I think, down deep inside, I needed to point my finger at someone else’s mouth to make mine look better and more righteous. tongue gets me in MORE trouble than anything else. It’s my stumbling block. Anyway, as soon as I did it…I felt nauseous and vile. Its like a voice from heaven floated down onto my ears to say “YOU’RE SWINGING THAT PLANK AROUND PRETTY QUICK SHELLI!!!!!!!!!”. Ugh…I really hate myself sometimes.

Back to the film…

Ok, I think that it would be a good idea for bible studies across the world to watch this thing. Why? I think that we all need a MAJOR slap in the face. We, the Evangelical Christians, are starting to look like the enemy and the idiots of this world. We are being persecuted and shamed more than ever…it seems. "Tolerance" seems to be the "it" word and idea right now. Hmmm...then why do WE seem to be the outsiders?

…well, anyway...Pelosi is now making appearances on the talk show circuit and has write ups in the NY Times. She’ll probably win an Oscar for best documentary.

I’M SO READY FOR HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo...that is the question...

For years now, I've been debating the idea of me with a tattoo. I don't exactly "show a lot of skin", nor would I want to...even if I was skinny. But, nevertheless, I've always wanted one. Just something to represent “me” and what I believe in.

So, here are some questions and my answers to them:

Isn’t it a sin? Well, it DOES say in Leviticus to not tattoo your skin. But, it also says no piercing and not to eat pork. In short…its “old law”. We have freedom in Christ. We are not longer conformed to old rules and laws. Next?

Is this in rebellion towards my parents / upbringing? Nope…not at all. My mom would probably just be a little confused by it. She would probably say something like “Doesn’t the bible say that you’re not supposed to get tattoos?” And to that I would say “Old Law…next?” My dad would just give me a little mini-guilt trip that would sound a little something like this: “Shelli…your flesh is my flesh. You are my daughter, a part of ME. I hate that you’ve defiled your beautiful body.” And to that I would probably say “Dad…don’t worry…it’s not permanent. It will be gone when we get to Heaven. So chill!” Next?

But what would your church/clergy think? Lets just say that I could see one my ministers going to the Tat parlor with me to get his own. (come on've always dreamed of that celtic design around your arm!!!) PS…have I ever mentioned how much I love my church? The Grove: Next?

Why do you have to put a symbol or message on your skin? Why can’t you just live it out? AND HERE IS MY HANG UP! This is the one that gets me. Do I REALLY need something tattooed on my skin in order to make a statement? Is this just a fad and I’ll regret it in about 10 years? Well, I don’t know about the regretting part, but I can definitely say that it is not a current ‘fad’. I mean…if it’s mentioned in the book of Leviticus…it must be a pretty old tradition? But, will I regret it? Dang…I don’t know.

OH GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!...I JUST DON’T KNOW!!!!!

What do YOU think?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mayer and Rouse, through the words of Bobby:

Last week, Justin and I were offered tickets to go see John Mayer w/ Josh Rouse at the U. of A. Barnhill Arena. I’m a fan of John Mayer, although sometimes his music is kind of “college rock gone pop”. Justin is a huge fan of Josh Rouse…so, we were pumped.

I’ve decided to rank the artists according to “What would Ricky Bobby Say”: On a scale ranking from “HELP ME TOM CRUISE, ‘CAUSE THIS SUCKS” up to “OH MY DEAR BABY JESUS! THAT WAS AMAZING!!!”, I’ll give Josh Rouse a “Shake N’Bake”. Fun, enjoyable…but not quite over the top. John Mayer??? True, his lyrics and radio hits are pretty good. You can sing to them…play them on guitar, and they bring back lots of memories. BUT HOLD YOUR HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......

Has anyone seen this man live???????? He freak’n ROCKS MY FACE off on guitar. I would give him a “Smokin’ hot wife in a Crystal Gail T-shirt” ranking. ALMOST worthy of “OH MY DEAR BABY JESUS! THAT WAS AMAZING!!!” I think that in about 10 years or so…he will DEFINITELY have earned, nay even surpassed that ranking.

This picture was taken from our friends Adam and Cyndi. I call it "The Mayer Grunt face"...

....Later Tators!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Palma De Mallorca, Spain...

Have I ever mentioned that my husband is Spanish? Well, he's not...but, he was BORN in Spain...and was raised in that makes him pretty cool.

This year, Justin is scheduled to graduate in December. What does that mean for us? Well...lots actually.

1. We're going to Spain

Yep, we've finally decided that we are GOING TO GO to Palma de Mallorca Spain this year. He doesn't remember anything there and he's always wanted to go back. a graduation present...we're going! We'll probably go during the off season, so hopefully we'll get a great deal. We're also planning on staying about 3 days in London. I'm so pumped about this

2. Starting a family???

Also a graduation present will (God willing) be the announcement of a pregnancy. We're going to start trying probably around December or January-ish. Yes year from now.

3. Hopefully I can quit my job.

If Justin can replace my salary, and I turn up prego...then, I'll probably quit. I'm ready to sit on my nest and be a homemaker.

We'll see how this next year unfolds.

As long as we're in the Lord's will and healthy...I've got no complaints. (remind me of that comment later on in the year when I'm complaining about something.)