Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told...

Before reading the greatest Christmas story ever told, please take note: I've got a puppy, as we all know, that is hyper. (Well, right now she's in a cast and can't run too fast) I've also got a fever ( or "feevah" if you're Christopher Walkin) to put up a Christmas tree. These two things do not get along very well. "Why"...you say? Well, let me tell you a story...wanna hear it?...here it go:

Once upon a time in a suburban home far far away ( in Tulsa ) lived a cute little family with a cute little (not really little) golden retriever named Cody. Cody was the current pride and joy of the family...especially the papa! See, papa had been training Cody for a long time now to be THE BEST RETRIEVER in all the land. Cody ( in his 5 or 6 month old state) was starting to show true potential in living up to these expectations. He was smart, he was fast, he retrieved when comanded, he fetched the paper, he could even let his human sister Shelli in the house when she had been locked out. (ok...this is NOT a lie...I'm telling the truth here.) Needless to say, he was a grand beast.

Well, the time of the year had come for putting up the Christmas tree. The family slaved away all day on the tree, making sure that it was pretty and bright in all its glory. Happy with our artistic expression, we all retired for the evening into our beds. And...in the midst of the night we hear strange noises that awakened us from our slumber. BANG, CRASH, BOOM, RUSTLE RUSTLE, THUMP...DRAG DRAG DRAG.

What in the world could this have been???

We hurried, we scurried to our robes and slippers. Papa dashed to his bedroom door to see the fright. And what was this fright on this horrid December night????

It was the Christmas tree all decorated and dragged to the parents bedroom door. Good boy Cody!!! He had retrieved a 7 foot decorated Christmas tree leaving a nice trail of tinsel and broken ornaments.

So...do you see my delima? I have the EXACT same breed of dog. She is around the same age, and SO very hyper. Should I put up a tree or not????

And thanks to
www.thereignofellen.blogspot.com for the inspiration for todays story.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey legs, Broken legs, and "No thanks, I'm not interested"??...

Turkey legs...

Well, I've successfully cooked and delivered my first Thanksgiving meal...ALL BY MYSELF!! Woo hoo!!!!!!! I did it, I was so happy! We had Turkey, dressing (some of it inside the bird), green bean casserole, brocolli cheese casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, cranberry jelly (yuck) and gravy. The turkey had me SO nervous, but it pulled through and was great. The white meat (I though) was a little dry, but Justin said not too worry, it was good. Overall, fun was had by all. We were blessed with family visiting and our friend Lafe coming over for the meal...and as always the "Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade" was FABULOUS! (...but, if they wouldn't have said "And flying high down 42nd street is HUMPTY DUMPTY" I would have been like "what the heck is that gigantic oval thing???)

...on to broken legs...

Oh, my sweet dog"Indi". She broke her leg playing outside with Justin. NO...Justin didn't break her leg...we're not exactly sure what happened. All I know, is my puppy has the worlds largest cast/splint on her back leg right now and she's zonked out all the time. Its sad (but really kind of funny). If you know Indi, you know how hyper she is ALL the time. Well, right now is the time to come over and just love on her, 'cause she aint movin'.

...Ok..."No thanks, I'm not interested"...

Is the blogging world taboo? Ok...its the Friday after Thanksgiving and we're all bored to tears at work...so, my co-worker (whom shall remain nameless) asked me what I was doing. I said, oh, just reading some blogs. He asked what a blog was, and I explained. Then, I said, would you like to go to my blog spot and check it out? Instead of a simple, kind, courteous "oh, sure, just send me the link"...he said "No thanks, I'm not interested". UM HELLO?? I'm not selling you something, I'm not promoting on-line gambling, you don't have to "sign up" or anything...geez. Instead, he said "No thanks, I'm not interested. I'm just going to go to ebay and see whats for sale". So, I can't pull the "oh, he just doesn't want to be on-line while at work" assumption ....grr....I'm confused. Are we, the blogging world, full of nerds that no one is interested in? Oh...so sad.

Oh well, anyway, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We did!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Ok, I was mesmerized this morning ( and all day today for that matter ) on this story. This is an exhibit featuring REAL bodies!

Go to this web site and look for yourself: www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10137337/?from=RS4

THEY'RE SKINNED AND POSED...oh my! Its just so amazing to me.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Finally...Fayetteville is BUENO!!!!!

Oh my...I just may end up staying in this town after all.


Now, if Fayetteville (...better yet) NORTHWEST ARKANSAS can just get a freakin' Quik Trip ( or QT to my homies ) then I'm set. I will have complete joy* and can raise my children here and not feel guilty for leaving them out of greatness.

* Yes, I know...complete joy can only come from Christ. Not a fast food resturant and a gas station. Duh!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Reasons I love my Husband...

1. He loves me so much
2. He's darn cute
3. He has the best smile
4. He is a man after Gods heart
5. When he laughs (truly laughs) he cries a little, he doubles over, he flayels around, and its so cute
6. He found my favorite scarf and surprised me with it today
7. He brings me flowers
8. We have the same sense of humor that NO ONE else gets. (well, maybe a few people)
9. He's gonna be the best daddy
10. ...and now I'm crying.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Time for a baby???

This is my family. Me, Husband, and Indianna our dog (well, when she was a puppy)....

Sometimes I feel that I'm ready for a baby, and then I remind myself that I don't even have time to clean my house or take care of a dog, let alone a kid. But... they are so amazing...and they're so cute...and so wonderful...and such a blessing...and my church is sprouting them out of every woman...and I just sometimes feel that its "time".

So, when do you know that it IS "time"? Is it when you are finally financially free?...is it when you get the surprise reading on a pregnancy test?...is it when God says "you...down there...make a baby!"...or is it something completely different? Am I supposed to see a gigantic sign? I've brought this up to Justin. I think I'm more ready than him. I say things like "oh, don't you want to just go ahead and have a baby?"...then his response is usually "oh, ha ha ha...not right now babe. Just wait." So, obviously, its not the right time for us because we're not on the same page...BUT WHEN?

I'm starting to get antsy for a little bugger. Although, children scare me to death. (this all links back to ONE bad experience baby sitting my neice when she had a seizure.) But, I'm sure that once I have my own...it will all "make sense" and it will be "wonderful"...or to quote Katie Holmes "its just so amazing, we are just so happy and in love."

...well, in reality, it will probably not happen for another 2 years AT LEAST! But, in the mean time...I'm really getting antsy. Maybe Justin and I need to babysit more.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New Job...

Well, so far so good. Everyone seems to be really nice and cheerful. One thing I'm a little antimidated by is that I'll be the ONLY FEMALE LOAN OFFICER in Fayetteville. YIKES! I'll be playing ball with the big boys. SCARY! I guess I'm up for the challenge. I can't let them get me down...right?

Well, more to come later. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


"So long, farewell, auf vitersain, goodbye...we flit, we fleet, we freely flee, we FLY!!!"

Its my last day, its my last day, its my last day, its my last DAY HERE!!! I'm so excited! Can you tell????

Its been a hard 7 months, but it is FINALLY coming to a close in about another 2 hours. Yep...I'm even leaving early.

You know what is even more of a slap in my face? 2 months ago, a girl name Niki left. (which, I might add, they complained about her every single day she was here.) Well, she got a cake, balloons, flowers, a card, pictures taken, AND PRESENTS WHEN SHE LEFT!! It was like it was her birthday or something. What did I get? A generic card...thats it.

I AM SO OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!