Sunday, September 30, 2007

Someday far away...

Someday I'll live far away from here.

Someday, this joy in my heart will explode and I'll realize that it wasn't joy at was the expectation of the truth for all to know and the gratitude of my knowledge that it really does exist.

Someday, God willing, I'll hold in my arms a new creation to praise his glory and teach to love others rather than themselves.

Someday, I'll walk in a land I've never seen and see strange faces stare back at me with an emptiness and longing to know my secret.

Someday I'll be happy with my body and stop listening and believing the lies of the evil one.

Someday I'll look back and realize the filth that I was protected from as a child and the Grace that was placed on me. But, why do I want to keep it all to my self? Rather than wring it out and let it flow onto others?

Someday, the Lion of Judah WILL stand on top of a mountain, his shadow WILL devour all that stands against him....and all that bow to other gods will crumble. Christ will reign in the valleys.

Someday I'll shut up and just...

Friday, September 21, 2007




Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No Air conditioning = GRUMPY MAGOO!!!

So...we are STILL not running the air conditioning. SUCK!

Have you ever worked out (like extreme cardio fat burning worked out) in a house with no air conditioning, while cooking a meat loaf? Well...let me just tell makes your house a FREAKIN' HELL HOLE WITH HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was (as Mr. Jones' refers to it) "BALLS HOT" in our house. I had Had HAD to turn the air on for a little bit. I was already sweating from working out...and with the oven on, it made for one giant sauna.

...and then...OH YES...and then...the drooling drip of dread! (that was an "Onomatopoeia" AND "Alliteration"...thank you James Miller aka: KNOW IT ALL!)

I sat quietly in silence on my couch after I finished my work out and what do I hear? The air conditioner turn off...THEN...(slowly)Drip...Drip...(faster)drip drip drip...POUR POUR POUR...SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH!!!!!!



Boo Hissy!!!!!!!!

Today...the repair man cometh!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Stood up!, MOLD!, Dang Truck! and Woops...not my car!

The title to today's blog may seem a bit odd...but, read on and all will be made clear:

This is my day (so far)...hour by hour:

8:30: Wake up to have breakfast w/ The Hirschy's, Lafe and Jenn, Stu and the Jones' (us).

9:00: Breakfast consists of the Jones' and Stu. The other "playa's" stood us up.

10:30: Arrive home, via Stu, since Justin left for Tulsa in my Honda at the completion of said breakfast. (We were at the Cracker Barrell if you were wondering)

12:00: I decide to vacuum the floors and realize that I need to change the vacuum bag. Where oh where are those vacuum bags? Ah the bottom of my very stuffed storage closet.

12:05: Starting to realize that, no...I didn't pee pee on the floor...the carpet is SOAKED because my Carrier Air conditioning unit has LEAKED all over the floor of my storage closet. HUSBAND IS IN TULSA...WHAT SHOULD I DO?

12:10: Start unloading the entire closet from top to far so good.

12:12: HOLY CRAP...the Christmas tree box is completely soaked...HOLY MOTHER...the carpet is black and green with MOLD!!!!!!! HOLY MOLY "WHOOPS I CRAPPED MY PANTS ADULT DIAPERS" CRUD-A-RONI SANDWICH, MOLD IS EVEN COVERING THE CARPET PAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12:20: THE CARPET HAS TO GO IN THE DUMP...THE CARPET PAD HAS TO COME UP AND GO IN THE DUMP...THE CHRISTMAS TREE HAS TO (WAIT!, I really want to save that...time to inspect the damage.)...OK, THE CHRISTMAS TREE BOX AND LITTLE CARDBOARD BOX OF ORNAMENTS INSIDE MUST GO...but the Christmas tree is plastic, and has no visible mold...HOORAY! The Christmas tree can stay!

12:30: BLEACH-FEST 2007. I completely cleaned out the closet, pulled up all the carpet and carpet pad, threw out all the moldy/ruined items (which luckily only consisted of the carpet, pad, tree box, moldy paper vacuum bags, little shoe box and a few REALLY could have been worse) and loaded up a spray bottle with bleach and CLEANED THAT SUCKER FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. LITERALLY! I sprayed the walls from top to bottom...I coverd the concrete floors with bleach, I went along the seems of the walls and floors extensively with bleach. I sprayed the air conditioning unit down wiht bleach. I went crazy! Have you ever seen how mold reacts to bleach? It's quite amazing, kind of, shrivels up and dies. It made me feel really good.

(For my friends reading this blog that are highly alergic to mold...uh, hum: Karen....please be reassured; I CLEANED THAT CLOSET LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS!!!!! THAT MOLD IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

1:00: allow the "bleach" to dry for about 15 minutes.

1:15: load the closet back up in a more organized (if I do say so myself) manner. TURN OFF THE AIR CONDITIONER COMPLETELY (Thank God its cool today) so that it doesn't leak anymore.

1:25: Head out the door to run to Harps and buy NEW vacuum bags. (remember...that's how the whole things started...and mine were moldy.)


1:30: Get friendly neighbors involved to "jump" the truck and in the mean time, am offered THEIR car to run to Harps. (Thanks rock)

1:35: Arrive at Harps (its less than a mile from my house), get new bags...leave and "go to the car"...but, I was on mental vacation and tried to get in a car that I THOUGHT was Jessica's. HA HA HA HA...I felt like a dunce! WRONG CAR SHELLI!!! Ha ha ha ha.

1:50: Arrive back home, truck is running...HOORAY!...vacuum the house and dust.

Peace again!


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mr. Slim Goodbody...

Does anyone else remember "Mr. Slim Goodbody" who would usually be on a local PBS channel to talk about health and eating right. Usually he came on in between "Sesame Street" and "The Electric Company"...probably right after Bill Cosby's "Picture Page". (I even remember the song: "Picture page, picture page, its time to play with picture page...its time to get your papers and your pencils!")

Anyway, last night I talked with my good friend Michelle about health / weightloss / and the fact that I'm so FREAKIN' pissed off that I've plateau'd and haven't lost any more weight since before Tibet. And after all that...I thought about good 'ol Mr. Slim Goodbody.

Well...he's still around and touring to schools around the nation to talk about health.

So...Here he is on his glory: MR. SLIM GOODBODY

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Scary dreams and bad "perhapses"...

First: Scary Dreams...

I've been plagued by very demonic creepy dreams lately. Some centered around Tibet...others, just bizarre and sadistic. I woke up last night shaking with fear and crying. I leaned over to Justin and asked him to pray for me. We prayed for the Holy Spirit to come upon us and fill the room. Our God is good and he comforted me to fall back to sleep. I guess I'm gonna have to gear up for battle every night now (Ephesians chapter 6) until satan gets the hint that he's NOT going to get me down...and not going to win.

Second: Bad perhapses...

Things have been getting "weird" at work. I don't want to give out too much info, since this is of course, the world wide web...but, lets just say that I fear losing my job anyday now. Arkansas is an "At Will" employement state. Basically...they can fire you without any just cause at any time. I have not had a peace about job security in quite some time...and with todays unfoldings, the possibility of being "let go" is kind of looking me in the face. Have I done something wrong? Absolutely not. I've had two "excellent" evaluations. But...a couple of months ago, I feel I was mistreated in a certain circumstance...a "scape goat" if you will...and ever since, I've just been biding my time. Well...who knows what tomorrow will bring, but hopefully for will be a continuation of my job.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday, September 5th at 9:20pm, I still have a job. So, I haven't been fired...although another dear friend of mine lost HIS job this week. That makes 2 in one week...incase you were wondering.

The Lord is The Lord of EVERY circumstance. I must Must MUST remember that in order to live this life "worry free" and at peace. No matter what the day brings, I'm in the arms of my savior, and he has a plan.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Yes Mr. Barber...I'll come to your party!

Ok, this is my first "Lafe Index" of sorts:

Number of alcoholic drinks I had last night: 2

Number of cups of coffee I had last night: 2 (not because I was drunk. COME ON! I just love coffee...seriously...I just do.)

Number of parties I attended last night: 2

Number of guests at said parties: 15 or so at one, 70-80 or so at the other.

Number of parties that I attended last night, yet was not invited to: 1

Number of times I turned and ran for the door in order to escape before entering said large party: about 10

Number of times I heard the words "Shelli...seriously...they're not going to throw us out because they'll be wondering the whole time who WE are and not want to look lame for not knowing": about 4 or 5

Number of times I had a nausious feeling come over me because I thought I was going to go to jail for "crashing" a multi-millionaires party: too many to count.

Number of people with me for this little "escapade": "little brudder" Stu and my husband Justin.

Number of people that are now on my poo poo list: 2