Wednesday, November 29, 2006

haw,Haw, HAW...CHOO!!!!

Seriously…what is up with my sneezing and SEVERE sore throat? This one is a doozy.

I’ve gone to the doctor and he’s put me on antibiotics (started today), so hopefully I will be healed up soon. But…Its been lagging and nagging since Friday. I’m really ready for the soreness of it to be GONE ASAP!

So, any suggestions for a real quick heal? I’m supposed to sing at church Sunday, and I really don’t want to miss out.

I have a degree in vocal music performance, and I’ve always learned (and told my students)
to drink TONS of luke warm water. Not too hot…and definitely not too cold. But, it doesn’t
seem to working quick enough this time.

Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm a "Beta Fish" now...

So, I switched my blog over to Beta? I have no idea what that even means. ...but I did it.

I noticed that now, some comments from my readers show "anonymous" when I know in fact...they are not. So, Um...yah...I'm kind of confused.

Oh well...HERE'S TO BETA!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Gobble Gobble Gobble…


Take the time this week to make lists of simple things you are thankful for. Even if its small simple things like: thanks for post-it notes…or thanks for hand sanitizer.

You can do it!!!

Lets give Thanks to God for all the things he does for us EVERY day.

I’m thankful for:

1. Jesus dying on a cross FOR ME! (I know… “Sunday school answer”…but its true)

2. My husband Justin and his gentle spirit

3. My Parents for raising me

4. my siblings for being funny and inspiring

5. my two best girlfriends Sarah and Karen

6. my great boss at work for being hilarious

7. the crisp cool air

8. my sleep apnea machine. Ok…this is a nasty one. But, it DOES keep me breathing every night. I can’t hate it TOO much. Right?

9. My extremely crazy dog “Indi” for being excited to see me everyday.

10. having an end in sight for Justin to graduate college.

11. having an income

12. having cars to drive

13. having a townhouse that (although too small) is perfect for us.

14. Birds that sing.

15. Starbucks. I know I know...I just HAD to throw that in there.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Dear Jeremy Enigk,

My husband, Justin, has been a fan of your music since he was in junior high school. Yes…when everyone else was rockin’ out to New Kids On The Block, Bel Biv Divo, and Slaughter…my husband was listening with ease to Sunny Day Real Estate. In college, he was so pleased to find out that you had embarked on a new journey called the Fire Theft. This band was equally as wonderful to Sunny Day. Justin was very happy and was again enjoying your new music. Then comes the movie “The United States of Leland”…with YOUR expertise and voice on the soundtrack. And lets not forget to mention your superb solo work throughout the years.

Needless to say…my husband Justin is one of your BIGGEST fans. Has researched, found all of your music available and owns a large stock of it.


Justin bought a ticket to see you play in Lawrence, KS…and you canceled the show. How unfortunate. But, all was well…we got our money back. No big deal. Just a Bummer!

THEN…we find out that you’re playing Memphis TN. Just a mere 5 hours away. EUREKA!!! We bought tickets again in anticipation of seeing you perform. We even saved up money for restaurants along the way, we booked a hotel room, and spent A LOT of money on gas. So…needless to say…Memphis was adding up the dough.

BUT…AGAIN…YOU FAILED US!!! YOU WERE A “NO SHOW”!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame Shame Shame on you Jeremy Enigk. We atleast got our money back for the ticket. But, not for the hotel, restaurants or gas. BOO HISSY!!!

So, my husband is bummed...but, he's such a huge fan...that he's STILL going to try to see you play in Norman, OK. Please don't cancel this show...PLEASE?

A “no show”???...who does that?...shame shame.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

TOFFEE, COFFEE, AND MANA!...All are from Heaven!

Ok, Its official...Toffee and Coffee are my two most favorite tastes on this planet! I would say that they are also my favorite smell...but babies would have to rank #1 in that catagory with toffee and coffee in a tie for 2nd.

I just love them...

"Heath Bar" YUMMY

"Score Bar" YUMMY

"Starbucks" YUMMY

...I wonder if they have a toffee flavored latte? OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! I must check this out.

Smelling coffee in the morning is like mana from heaven for me. And, I wouldn't say I'm addicted...because I don't have a cup EVERY single day...and I very much enjoy decaf as well as regular. SO THERE!!!!!!!!!!

And, the recent "autumn festival of pagan worship" that we just indulged ourselves in reminded me of how much I LOVE TOFFEE!!!!! I always seem to forget about the "Heath" and "Score" bar when I go candy bar shopping at the local gas station. I usually (out of habit) reach for a Reeses cup or Snickers. Both great!...but still...every time I have a toffee bar, I think to myself "DANG...WHY DON'T I HAVE THESE MORE OFTEN"????

I'm claiming it!!!!!!!!!! "TOFFEE IS THE NEW PEANUT BUTTER". Go tell everyone you know!