Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Well...FINE! I'll turn 29! It doesn't mean that I'll like it.

Today, I celebrate the beginning of my 30th year of life by celebrating my 29th birthday. it is SNOWING to high heavens. Which reminds me of my 8th birthday when it blizzared in Tulsa and the only person that showed up for my party was a little Tate Oney. Hmmm...I wonder what ever happened to her? THANKS TATE!

Anyway...I hope YOU all have a great day like myself!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Boo Hissy!

I would say that approximately ½ of my day yesterday was spent in the bathroom. There is this “stomach thing” going around…yah…NOT FUN.

Someone told me that, according to the paper, there was an alarming amount of kids out from school yesterday with the same thing. I know that one of our bank branches had to send home about 5 or so people with it. I ended up going home around noon…and I BARELY made it home without having to pull over.

…oh, and did I mention that I had to WORK today…a Saturday. Boo Hissy!

…maybe its biological warfare. “lets make them all have diarrhea and puke all day! Muhahahhahah!!!!!”

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Is my dog Indianna cute...OR WHAT? She looks so innocent.

She's coming up on her 2nd birthday, and she is VERY much STILL a puppy. She's not ripping up the carpet anymore that's good. OH...I LOVE HER!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Rollin' With the Homies"...

Did anyone fall into the chat room craze of the late 90’s? During my freshman and sophomore years of college, I would DAILY go to the “Frank Sinatra” chat room. People would talk as if THEY were a member of the rat pack. We would discuss going out swing dancing…drinking “high ballers” and “low ballers” (what IS that by the way?)…and I’d melt when some guy would say things like “Come Fly With Me baby”. Although, instead of quoting Sinatra lines...I would quote movies like "Clueless", "Say Anything" and "Much Ado About Nothing". One time…IT ONLY TOOK ONCE…I agreed to meet one of the guys in a public setting with some of his friends and some of mine. I’ve never drank a cup of coffee SO FAST in my life. We were there MAYBE 10 minutes.

OH GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, chat rooms are still VERY much alive, however, they’ve turned more towards teenage drama and scary predators. Is it just me, or is it the same way with the blogging world now? I’ve noticed that (besides the crazed teenager on “myspace”)Very few (atleast in my circle of friends) are still keeping up to date with daily blogs. Most are “once a monthers” or maybe even the “every other monther”.

To quote Gennie with a G: “blogging is SO 2005”. I think she just might be correct.

My friend Ellen ( )has officially said goodbye. She was one of the matriarchs of this blogging phenomenon. If SHE is bowing out…then TONS of others are sure to follow suit. However, SHE is a stay at home mommy and has a handful…what is our excuse?

I used to feel this “need” to blog EVERY SINGLE STINKIN’ DAY. As if other people out there had nothing better to do with their time…they depended on me…they were sitting in excited anticipation for my next post. AS IF!

…all this gobbledy goop to say: I’m just gonna play it by ear. I may or may not blog. I went out and even created a new site at another competitor blog place, but didn’t have the motivation to continue with it!

So, maybe you’re wearing a “VIVA LA BLOG” shirt…or maybe you carved “blogging is so 2005” in your desk. Either way…as far as I’M concerned…I’m just gonna keep “rolling with the homies” and wander back to the blog every once in a while.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Well hello there!
I've been gone for a week and am just now getting around to blogging a post. YAWN...

Anyway, I've got a new "do". I went with a hybrid of the short bob and the sassy flippy. Basically, I can do either. YEAH!

Its dark brown with red likey!

I'll put a pick up when I can.

Later tators!