Thursday, February 07, 2008

Blood pressure...BOO HISSY!

Do you ever wonder if what you’ve blogged is just TOO personal? Yah, me too…OH WELL…

I’ve had blood pressure issues for about four years now. This “probably” came on due to my sudden weight gain (50lbs) after marriage. (YIKES…DID SHE SAY 50??) Yep…50.

And then came SUPER BOWL SUNDAY last weekend. Duhn Duhn DUHN!!!!!! Loads and loads of high sodium junk food. My blood pressure went through the roof and my doctor freaked!!!…oh, and so did I, thus raising it even higher.

Sundays numbers: 164/90
Mondays averages: 166/104
Tuesdays averages: 148/96
Wednesdays averages: 135/90
Todays averages: 130/85

If you know anything about blood pressure…you KNOW that those numbers are very very bad. The “average” is 120/80. So…yah…I was up there. But, look at today’s averages. They ARE going down. But, the reason they’re going down is that my doctor decided to triple my daily dosage until this thing settles. TRIPLE! Yikes. Well, and the fact that all of my family and friends have been praying for me. Hallelujah.

But…boo hissy…I have to be on drugs and say farewell to things like:

Chips. (Do you think the mexican restaurants would care if I brought in my own little bag of organic, low sodium pita chips to dip in my salsa???)

Fast food in general. (This is not really a bad thing. But, for “on the road” purposes, I guess I could order a couple of chicken soft taco’s at Bell or Bueno with only lettuce and sour cream??)

Pop (Yes, even diet. Honestly, I really didn’t drink much pop anyway. Just the occasional DP. Ok, ok, ok! Dr. Pepper, I’ll reserve a small glass of you for “special occasions”).

Milk Chocolate (…hey, to that I say “bring on the DARK!”).

Most cheeses. ( a tear just fell down my cheek.)

Some citric juices and fruits (grapefruit and oranges have a tendency to boost my numbers)

So, yah…there’s a VERY small list of some things I have to say bye bye to. I’m trying to stay positive in all this though. This could end up being the GREATEST wake up call I’ve ever received. I know that this will make me a healthier individual in the end, and probably drop some weight too. Plus, I want to be a healthy mommy…someday.

(PS…did you know that an egg soufflé at Panera bread has over 1000mg of sodium? Your daily suggested amount [as per the FDA] is 2200-3000mg. [The average American consumes over 4500 though] If you went by the suggested amount and ate one of those things…you’ve hit over one third of your daily allowance. What else are you going to eat for the day…broccoli? HELLO SODIUM!!!!!!!! )