Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Things I've learned this week...and its only Wednesday.

1. The maximum amount anyone can get from FEMA for flood or natural disaster damage is $28,300. No matter what your home is worth, its age, or its location. So…we’ll be lucky to get 25 cents.

2. If you are the first or only person on your mortgage and insurance, YOU have to be the one to file on the FEMA website. Your spouse can’t. (Something we would have liked to know BEFORE we filed.)

3. “H”, (the FEMA adjuster that paid us a visit today) is a special, special human being.

4. My husband has a hard time concentrating when dealing with said “special” people.

5. OCD comes in many forms.

6. When you file with FEMA, they don’t mention anything about needing a recent mortgage statement or proof of home owners insurance. (Something we would have liked to have known BEFORE "H" showed up today.)

7. A DNC procedure for a miscarriage (yes, even after insurance paid) is quite costly.

8. I want to be an anesthesiologist.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bizzarro dreams last night...

Last night, I had two weird dreams. I'm assuming that one was before the alarm clock...and the second was after.

Dream 1:

I was still living at home with my Mom and Step-Dad...but, my sister, her husband and her kids were also there. I don't know WHERE Justin was. I guess he hadn't made it in the family yet.

Anyway...Chris owned a GIGANTIC Anaconda...or Boa constrictor...or something like that. Well, said snake got out, and the entire family was on a trek to find it. When we was there, with another snake and about 5 gazillion baby snakes. I wasn't scared though.


Dream 2:

First and foremost, I was driving a white (circa 1994) Z28 Camaro. Hah...that's bizarre all in itself.

Then, I was in a gas station parking lot when Jason and Jaime Miller drive up beside me. Jaime leans all the way out the window and into my passenger seat to tell me "I'VE GOT TICKETS TO CATS...YOU SHOULD COME". So, I was like "sure".

Then, we all three (Jason, Jaime and I) stroll up to "Casa Bonita" (an old Mexican restaurant delight in Tulsa) for dinner. When we get there, I see Justin inside waiting for us at a table. But...he's not just there to meet us, he WORKS THERE!...AS A BUSS BOY...AT CASA BONITA!

We didn't end up going to Cats, or at least in my dream we didn't. I woke up.

...and now, I'm watching "Goonies" on TBS. I love "lazy days".

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

...Or not.

Well, we were planning on going to Ukraine this summer, but the Lord brought Ukraine to us.

See...Justin and I have been praying for a long time on where we will go FIRST on the mission field. Ukraine...or China? Knowing, that wherever we go, we will be committing a long period of time in our lives.

We've prayed over Ukraine and China for a year now. Most know that we went to China last year and we were completely knocked on our butts. We ALWAYS thought we were headed to Ukraine. So...we've been in a state of throwing our heads down in prayer...listening to what the Lord had planned for us.

Two weekend ago, we found out that our friends Lloyd and Natasha (our friends that are missionaries in Ukraine and president of the mission organization we would go with. See their website on my sidebar) were in town. IN TOWN PEOPLE...MISSIONARIES DON'T JUST COME TO TOWN, unless there is a reason.


Through Lloyds words of confirmation (which was a HUGE shocker to me), through a weekend of Justin and I being seperated from each other for prayer and fasting, and through a lunch meeting with two extremely awesome Godly men...Justin took a leap of faith and committed us as a family to China.

I received very simple instructions or "words from the Lord" during my time away from Justin to pray. It was: "The Lord of Lords, God of Gods is Holy and will make your path straight." And, it was overwhelmingly obvious that I was also called to submit to Justin and BE SILENT in this decision making.

So, here we are...April 2008 ready and willing to move to China. But when? We're not exactly sure. I know that I would like to have our first child stateside...and seeing as how I'm not even pregnant...that would give us AT LEAST nine more months here. have to get the passport and visa stuff too. So, who knows.



Saturday, April 05, 2008

10 reasons why "Grease 2" is better than "Grease"...

1. the sex ed class and musical number "Reproduction"

2. Michelle Pfeiffer being a pink lady

3. the song "A Girl for all seasons"...which i ALWAYS wanted to do in a talent show with my friends.

4. Frenchie coming back to school as a beauty school drop out

5. the bowling alley scene and song "We're gonna Score tonight"

6. "I wanna C...O.O.L...R.I.D.E.R"

7. There is only a handful of people in this world that can even KNOW this movie exsists. And those same people are ALWAYS "artsy" type people and really really neat.

8. It's considered a "cult classic"

9. The T-birds are hilarious in the sequal...and the fact that they're always referred to as the T-Bones by the principle.

10. The hawaiian themed "lake of fire" festival for the end of the school year. Why?