Wednesday, March 19, 2008



Or, at least it has for the Jones’. They say bad things “come in three’s”…well, this was number three. Miscarriage, my grandpa died, and now this…

Yesterday, a storm drain / creek thing near our house flooded and we were welcomed by about 3 inches of standing water when we walked in the front door. And…wouldn’t you know it? Unless your home is IN a flood zone, ground water in your home / flooding is not covered by your home owners insurance. We may be able to settle with the City of Fayetteville for their lack of properly maintaining the storm drain…but I doubt it. Especially since their response to us yesterday was “We didn’t cause the rain”.

Just a small list of things damaged…off the top of my head:

1. Our apple lap top that was propped up on its side, leaning on the couch. (we’re hoping we can salvage it)

2. Our digital camera (but Justin was able to bring that back to life yesterday)

3. Justins bible

4. The carpet and carpet pad

5. The area rug

6. our wedding album

7. all my childhood photo albums

8. Some of Justins school books next to the couch.

9. our 2007 tax forms (luckily we had just sent off our forms…but our copies are ruined)

10. Possibly our sheet rock. We’ll have that checked out in a couple of days for moisture in the walls. If there is any, we have to rip it out.

11. All of Justins AMAZING black and white photos from his art class in the past two years. They were in a paper storage box under our large chair.

PRAISE GOD that all of our furniture sits on small wooden legs about 4 inches high. The water was JUST ABOUT to get it…but it didn’t.

As of now, we have a concrete slab for a living room, all our furniture is up on blocks, our dining room table and chairs are in our living room, all of Justin’s school books (as well as other books and random envelopes) are spread through out the upstairs to dry out and we’re staying with friends.

I’m ready for this season of life to be OVER. I’m ready for glasses of sangria on the beach of Spain.

I guess the reason I’m really writing this is to say thank you for all your prayers through these last few weeks. BUT PLEASE KEEP ‘EM COMIN’.

Friday, March 14, 2008

"FREE T.BET"...into the hands of Christ.

I’ve passed by the TV twice at work today and saw news stories about the riots in…I JUST NOW looked down at my Starbucks cup and it reads:

The Way I See It # 288

My cousin in is an illiterate subsistence farmer. By accident of birth, I was raised in the West and have a Ph.D. The task of our generation is to cut through the illusion that we inhabit separate worlds. Only then will we find the heart to rise to the daunting but urgent challenges of global disparity.

- Losang Rabgey, Ph. D.
National Geographic Emerging Explorer and co-founder of Machik, a nonprofit helping communities on the T.betan plateau.

This picture is from Fox News.

I’m answering the very OBVIOUS call to prayer today over my friends that are there and our Kham’s suffering out in the plateau from this brutal winter and now these riots.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Howdy Ya'll...

Hey Everyone,
I FINALLY updated our other blog:

You should check it out.

PS. Saw the movie "Vantage Point" last night. OH...MY...GOODNESS!!! Run, don't walk...RUN TO THE THEATER TO SEE IT. So good.

Okie doke...that's it.

Later tators!

Friday, March 07, 2008

...on a lighter note.

I thought I would let you in on a little secret...Shelli + Drugs = FUNNY TROUBLE!

Here's a little sampling of the few conversations I remember as I was being sedated before my D & C procedure on Wednesday.

My husband Justin and My mom: "Bye sweety, we'll be right here when you come out. We love you."

Shelli: "BYE MOMMY...BYE DAD".


My Doctor to his nurses: "Sorry this has taken so long to get going. I had to do an emergency C-section"


Nurse: "Ok, hun, just breath in this mask and think happy thoughts."


Thank you for all of your prayers and kind words. We're doing great. I'm ready to get back to the real world.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Resting in the Lord after heartbreak...

My life is an open book. Anyone who knows me...knows that fact. I've never known when to keep my mouth shut and just be still. I've never known when to quiet my restless soul and just listen.

Like I've said before...maybe I tell too much about my life on this blog...maybe I need to just STOP giving out so much information to the world. Maybe this is one of those times, or maybe this is not. I don't know. All I know is that I move on and get over things quicker if I verbalize what I'm going through. I think its just how I...Shelli Jones...heal.

Last night, after nearly 9 weeks of pregnancy, I had a miscarriage.

I have been overwhelmed (in a good way) by the emails of encouragement I've received by so many of my friends and family. Over and Over again, I think to myself "I just miscarried last night, should I be giving out so much information so soon? Shouldn't I just be quiet right now?" But, thats just NOT how I am.

I'm finding joy in the fact that God has this little one in his care now.

I'm finding joy in the fact that I had a small role to play in Gods over all purpose and plan.

I'm finding joy in the fact that Justin and I were successfully able to conceive.

I'm finding joy in the fact that I can now minister to other women that may have to go through this.

I'm finding joy in the fact that my husband is a strong rock to cling to and that he made me breakfast and coffee this morning.

I'm finding joy in Jeremiah 29:11...knowing that God has a plan and is in complete control.

I'm finding joy.