Saturday, December 29, 2007

A stressful situation indeed...

I can't mention much about what happened today due to security and privacy stuff. And, please do not name specifics if you decide to comment.

But...knowing what I do for a living, and where I work..."one of our other locations" (no, not my office) was "hit" today, Saturday December 29th. I was the highest ranking individual on, all phone calls and emails were routed to me.

Talk about a test for my sanity and ability to remain calm. My heart started RACING so so so fast. It was weird. But, overall, I did ok...and the other office that was involved did AWESOME. No one was hurt, but still...I can't even imagine.

I definitely took a moment to thank our Lord and Savior for protecting all involved and giving me the patience and peace to deal with phone calls and what not.

Whew...I'm ready to relax now.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"...tidings of comfort and joy."

I'm having a really hard time finding comfort and joy this holiday season. In fact, I'm right up there with Mr. Scrooge.

This time of year has been getting harder and harder for me to handle. And, I'm DEFINITELY becoming more annoyed by it…that’s FO SHO!

Maybe its the FACT that most people around the world don't open their eyes and realize the hardships of the world until December...

Maybe its because the majority of the world chooses to become money hungry vultures at the malls during this time of year. People will knock others out just to buy a specific item for a child…but choose to pass by the bell ringer at the store entrance.

Maybe its because we have Christian brothers and sisters around the world that are persecuted if they so much as hum or whistle a Christmas carol, while we sit back with our holiday ham or turkey and just grin from ear to ear, not realizing the blessings of this liberty we have as fat Americans. (…and I am one, so please no comments about size.)

Maybe its because the word "Christmas" is starting to vanish all together...

Maybe its because I'm not doing enough for the purpose of Christ and spreading his fame amongst the nations.

I'm just...joyless and having a hard time feeling happy when I know SO many others are hurting.

Merry Christmas (feed the hungry)
Merry Christmas (give to the poor)
Merry Christmas (pray and stand up for the persecuted)
Merry Christmas (celebrate CHRIST every day of the year)

From the Gospel of John we see in the book, where Peter denied Christ three times and he was ashamed and saddened by it. On one of the occurances when Christ appeared to his remaining disciples after his resurrection, Christ (starting in chapter 21 verse 15) asked Peter three different times if he loved him, and Peters response was always yes. How awesome was it that Christ in his redemptive love, gave Peter an opportunity, not once…but THREE times to SAY and claim his love for him. After each time that Christ asked Peter if he loved him, and Peter replied yes, Christ had simple commands of him:

Feed my lambs
Take care of my sheep
Feed my sheep

Peter was THE ROCK of our founding fathers of the faith. He lived with a passionate, wild abandoned love and calling to follow Christ. His simplistic words were more effective in his letters than CS Lewis’ deep and intellectual modern day writings.

I think this relationship and command between Christ and Peter displays great imagery of what our faith is supposed to look like. Simple, basic, non-glamorous, un-ashamed, love for others and love to tell others about Christ.

What is the MOST important thing to YOU this Christmas?

I think I’m starting to find my joy again…

Monday, December 03, 2007

No tree this year...I'm keepin' it simple.

So, this year we decided to forego the Christmas tree. One main reason is because Justin and I are not doing "presents" for each other this year...we're going snow skiing with the fam instead. WOO HOO!! I just thought it would be depressing to have a Christmas tree with no presents underneath it.

Well...except for James, Nathan, Carter, Cole, Cash, Mallori, Dad, Judy, Mom, Chris, and the two parties that require "$5-$10 white elephant gifts" and the one party that requires a "$5-$10 non gender specific gift"., besides THOSE presents, we don't have any.

...I should have put up the tree.